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Bhedetar, Hile and Amlekhgunj

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Bhedetar & Hile TripBhedetar & Hile Trip

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In the evening of May 24 (Thursday), me and my senior colleague, Kumar Sir suddenly moved towards the travelling of east Nepal. Actually, Kumar Sir had a little bit personal work in Itahari, Sunsari and at the same time I also planned to visit my home town Biratnagar and my friends there. For that purpose I also demanded a leave of 3 days in office showing my some important tasks in Biratnagar which is not so important and I could do it 4-5 months later. Actually, I had become impatient to visit my own place because it had already become completely 7 months that I had last visited my home. In spite of having much important works in the office we, two left from Kathmandu promising to arrive in office by Monday.

Before crossing Thankot, my soul had already reached my home and run towards the junction (where my friends gather in Biratnagar). Kumar Sir is almost 7 years senior than me in the age but he is more friendly with me than friends of my own age. He is also an inspirational and romantic guy. I share everything with him as well as respect him very much. We both are interested in fun, entertainment, adventures and travelling. But, in the case of travelling, there is a little bit difference between me and him. I started to sleep and dream while getting into the bus but he hardly can. In the time of more than 12 hours we hardly made gufgaf coz of my boring habit of sleeping in the bus. We reached Itahari at 9 am in the morning of Friday. We decided to finish the work first and after that move towards the Biratnagar. We took a room in hotel, got refreshment and after having some meal, we moved for our works. In Itahari, Ramesh, my intimate friend who is also a Government Officer in Itahari helped us with his full effort so that we can complete our works by the afternoon of 3 pm. If he hadn’t helped us in that way the work can hardly be completed in one week. So, I am very grateful towards him.

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The Picture of MY “Nangedada”

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This is the picture of my favourite place Nangedada which i had visited few weeks ago. Due to the problem of our camera the fresh pictures can’t be seen clearly so i have posted here the picture taken from the google earth. Promise that, if next time i will visit again the place then i will post here fresh pictures clicked from the camera.

Nangedada from the Google Earth 

The Sunkoshi River is flowing on the right side fo the Nangedada and there is the Bhote River on the left side. This is my favourite Pahad.

A Traveling to my favorite place “Nangedada”

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In the evening of the last Friday, February 23, 2007, there came a ring on my mobile from the number of my “Sahilo Mama” (Uncle). He purposed me to join the traveling to the Nangedada (a mountain) which is situated in the Sindhuli District, approx 100 kms far from the Kathmandu Valley. I wondered and feel excitement, immediately said “wow”, I am ready. Actually, Nangedada is the place where my Mom was born, passing her childhood. She had left her lots of experiences, with the mud sharing her lots of feelings. The place which I had visited when I was the age of 4, but no any memories, only some stories which my Mom had told to me that how I was reached there, what I had done there, how I had made all the people tired by doing and showing my childish behavior etc. Although, I had lots of will to visit that place, I couldn’t make my dream possible till the date coz it had been a lots of years that all of the mom’s family members had migrated in Kathmandu. But, still there was some ropanis of lands and the house where my Mom’s childhood had grown up. My Mama told me to wake up at 4 O’clock early in the morning have to get the first bus of 5 am. The time became too much late to me. I couldn’t sleep properly at that night. I had to see my watch 4 times on the night thinking about the 4 am while, usually it always become hard to wake up even at 7 am in the morning to me. Actually, my interest of traveling and my love with the nature is not so new but that whole night passed with the imagination of the “Pahad” (Hilly Region) of my Nangedada. I have several times visited Ilam, Dhankuta, Hile and Basantapur having quite much experiences of there. Although, the first reason behind the traveling is for refreshment, romanticism, feel the beauty of nature and my interest of traveling, I always try to learn many more things from the visit and try to utilize the time completely. Bijayapur, a somehow hillside situated in Dharan is my birth place so I like the place most but Nangedada is the place that I love the most as well as I respect the place and the people very much coz it is the place which had given birth to the person, who had given birth to me. Yehhh that is the main reason behind my excitement. As well as, I had been impassionate to make me disappear on the deep of the beauty of the place. We had the group of 7 persons. My Hajurbuwa (my Mom’s dad), mama, maiju, and the little and lovely child of age three (their daughter), and the pair of the sister of maiju………………………………………….. Read the rest of this entry »

A Trip to Trishuli

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This is my personal story and it is 100% true if u like to read it then ok if u don’t like then also okayyyyyyyyy.

Last Satruday, me and my friend Parash planned to go to Nagarjun to get peace for sometimes. Actually, I have forced him to go there coz I like that place very much. I like the greenery of there. I like the peaceful environment of there. When we reached there he requested me to go a little bit ahead. I had ridden the bike and we moved ahead. While going further we thought to go to Kakani. We both hadn’t visited that place earlier. But, while going on, we reached Ranipauwa and asked a local person about kakani then he replied that we had already left it on the way. Anyway, we were feeling nice there. From there we have viewed a very clear range of Himalayans. For sometimes we lost in the beuatiness of Ganesh, Langtang and Fishtail Himals. After staying some moments there we started to go ahead without thinking anything. On the way, I saw on a pillar indicating 40 kms to Trishuli from there. Then I thought to test some fish of Trishuli. I purposed to my friend about his view. At first, he wondered and refused but after sometimes he asked me whether I was serious about going there. Actually we both are fun loving guys and love to have adventures in life. We like something new always. So, we both decided to go there. Read the rest of this entry »