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I, the hoi polloi: By Ranam Adhikari

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I am very much thankful to my brother and friend Mr. Ranam Adhikari for sending such a very worthy article which represents the commom situation of most of the people in our country.
I don’t have a delusion of grandeur. I know my limits – I am the hoi polloi. I don’t understand the obfuscations and rarefied esoteric jargons of your politics but don’t gullibly succumb to complete apathy and swallow your porky pies; hook, line and sinker. One need not know the whole rigamarole of body anatomy to say that he has a headache. Your placebo isn’t gonna work on muggins here because I am not in the habit of feigning anything, the artifice you are wizard at. Read the rest of this entry »


Madhesi Movement: A Research Report From Biratnagar

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Nepal’s Peace Process had been gaining extra and ordinary successes. It had given a great example to the world for signing on Peace Agreement in a very short period of beginning of peace process and with the completely on the self strength of we Nepali People. People had started to take a breath of happiness and full of confidence. There started to sign brightness on the face of Nepali people. They were feeling a great proudness inside them for that they will be getting the chance of making constitution for them by them through the constituent assembly. They were hopeful towards the restructuring of the state. They were feeling satisfaction that they may also get opportunities on the decision making and policy making process of the country. They were exited for being the ruler of the country from get ridding of those poor and suppressed “raiti”. Although there are some suspects and threats on their dream, they were hopeful to be the winner over the regressive forces. Read the rest of this entry »