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The 4th Meet of Bloggers: Numbers Doubled

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 Blog Meet 4-Group Photo

WoW, this time really the meet was so much encouraging and satisfying that the numbers of the bloggers are 24. And, the more important, there were 6 ladies bloggers attending the meeting while in the past rarely 1 or 2. This time the meeting was become a great achievement and much fruitful coz there were lots of discussion in a very much interactive way. There had attended a great source of motivation to all the Bloggers Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Boarder Expert of Nepal. The whole meeting was centered on the discussion of needs and needs not of the formal registration of the BLOGAN. Finally, we were in conclusion of registering the organization with the Theme of Blogdom for Freedom but with a little bit and most importatnt conditions for healthy blogging. I am not going to mention overall of the Meeting here coz there are already lots of very beautiful entries about the meet. The links are as below:

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The Third Meet of Bloggers (March 17, 2007)

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Well, this time also, the bloggers’ meet became much fruitful. The main attraction of this meeting was Mr. James Gomez, a Singaporean Blogger as the guest of honor. He is a person with a versatile characteristics. He is a politician, a blogger, a activist of human rights and democracy etc. He shared a lot experiences of Singapore, the politics & the situation of Singapore, his blogging life and a lot about him. He also gave suggestions and ideas of how to promote blogging in Nepal, how to impact on the political development and the situations of the country, how it will be easy to work as a blogger, how to move as per the needs of the situation and as per the political perspective of the country, how to become professional etc.

We also discussed a little bit about the visions of BLOGAN, our future activities, mentaining self discpline, healthy blogging etc although we have decided to discuss in brief about it in our next meeting with maximum numbers of bloggers as possible. The details of the meeting can be viewed in :
Nepali Voices and wonderful posts in Deepak’s Dairy , Hamro Blog and in Nepal Info.

Here is the group photo of the bloggers after the meet


Standing from left: James Gomez, RP Dahal, Deepak Adhikari, Razen Manandhar, Mohd Tajim, Ghanshyam Khadka, Sitting from left: Tapas Thapa, Rosha Basnet, Ujjwal Acharya, KP Dhungana, & Me.

Nepali Bloggers

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Here you can view and read the blogs about almost all of the nepali bloggers at

bloglines-bloganepal’s blogs

Any new blogger can email on to become a part of nepali blogsphere and BLOGAN.

The Bloggers’ Meet Second Time in Kathmandu

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Well, this is the second time that the bloggers meet in Kathmandu. I was unable to post the entry of the First Ever Historical Meet of Bloggers in Kathmandu. I was also luckily participated there but i can’t post about it on my blog, that was my “alchhi pan” also and a little bit scarce of time, too. But this time i don’t want to miss the warm opportunity to post on about the meet of Bloggers. Both of the meet were held on the hall of Freedom Forum, Thapathali. At first meet, we have decided to continue the meetings on every first Saturday of the month. At that meet, we had also discussed about the possiblities of the blogging in Nepal, its’ challenges and its’ hopes. We had discussed on the topics of how to increase its possibilities and how to increase on the numbers of bloggers and the readers. We also had decided for not making any formal registration of the bloggers coz it is itself and informal and self regulated as one of the form of citizen journalism but not completely as citizen journalism but as like a part of it and as like a plateform to show one’s desires and experiences. It’s a blog. But, we have decided to blog within the certain limitations and within self descipline.  

Specially, the second meet of Bloggers also centered on promoting the Bloggers and the Blogging. There were some new faces as well as missing of some old faces who have met on the first meet. The discussion centered on the plans of future perspectives of blogging and holding the workshops, trainings to assist on the technical parts of blogging to the bloggers and to give ideas and general conceptions to the prospective bloggers. We also discussed about publishing a book about blogging, the short history of international blogging and the history of nepali blogging and about the nepali blogsphere. We also discussed on the matters of planning on the ideas of holding a conference probably on the beginning of 2008 and awarding best blogs in different segments.

Specially, i would like to thank Mr. Ujjwal Acharya and Mr. K. P. Dhungana to make possible the gatherings of Bloggers and for making the BLOGAN (Bloggers’ Association of Nepal-note: It’s a completely informal association). Any blogger who wants to join the BLOGAN can email on And, i would also like to appeal to all the readers plz promote the possibilities of Blogs and encourage us to do more better on this field. Do comments on our posts. If possible be a blogger.

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Flckr Photos of the bloggers