Youth and Entrepreneurship in Nepal

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Nepal is the country with lots of possibilities, full of natural resources and beautiful climate. Despite the fact, the number of people leaving the country is increasing day by day. The main reasons behind the migration are of course; the political instability and the uncertain future inside the country. However, we can not ignore the fact that, it’s the youth themselves who are responsible for building the nation.

Among the many options, entrepreneurship is the most desirable option by the youth of 21st century. As I have seen in my own friends circle and surroundings, most of the people are satisfied neither in the government jobs nor in private sectors. Lack of free working environment and no space for their creativity can be the major reasons behind the dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the employment opportunities themselves are very limited here and which are also mostly filled by the nepotism, political sources, solicitation and so on. Very few organizations have free competition process, where only the top scorers can reserve the seats. Due to which, people are compelled to leave the country either by the means of education or through the work permits.

The possibilities of entrepreneurship development are being ignored by the youth here. Some of them take it as a risk, some are limited by the money, some lack dedication and passion; some have no any idea about it and some do not even try to think over it. To become an entrepreneur is not just the matter of money and wealth; one can be an entrepreneur by his skill, technical expertise, unique ideas, proper utilization of available resources and cooperation between the friends and relatives. Instead of studying common courses in universities, we can go for technical courses which help us to start our own business after completing the study. We can start cooperative organizations. Even, we can do the existing business in different approach. Most of the people are having agricultural land here and they who do not have own land can get in lease and do modern farming.

By recognition, Nepal is the agricultural country but even we have to import rice and vegetables from other countries. Instead of many unnecessary courses in school, government can develop the course book related the tourism and scope of agriculture in Nepal which can help the students to start their career from their own places. Geographically Nepal is a rich country. The Hills and Himalayans can be developed as the most attractive tourist destination and the Terai region is the best for agriculture. Instead of investing 10-20 lacs of rupees in going abroad, we can start many things here as an entrepreneur. We are doing the job of cleaning, dish-washing, salesmen in stores, waiters in restaurants and so on in other countries but we do no want to initiate respectful jobs here in our own society. If the government will provide trainings/workshops to the youth on tourism business and farming, the youth can be attracted to do something in their own country.

The problem caused by brain-drain is going to have a very bad impact in our society for the years. Now, the time is clicking and the problem is widening. The youth have to think about starting their own business by their own available resources instead of migrating abroad. The starting years can be hard but future will be definitely better. We can see many examples around the world. Most of the big business ventures were started by the small investment and great ideas. The time is asking to the youth of Nepal to set the examples. The government also needs to make some solid plans to support them who want to do something as their own in their society and country. They should been provided loans in less interest rate with light collateral, security to their business. The government should make some special offers for those who want to do agriculture and farming.

Let’s start brain storming about the entrepreneurship development in Nepal from own circles and places. If we have good future in own country than why should we move to other countries sacrificing our identity and self respect???


United Arab Emirates (Country and Economic Overview)

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I would like to thank by heart to My Friend Ujwal Ghimire who have done such a great job which is really appreciated. I hope this article will be very much fruitful to those people who are interested in UAE or planning to check their luck in UAE. UAE is really moving faster and faster towards one of the best city of the world. But it’s still remaining to have a comprehensive study of it’s impact in the economy of the other Asian Countries. Hope in future, the overall analysis will be done and it will also be more beneficiary to those people who are studying about the global economic impact.


United Arab Emirates (UAE)

(Country and Economic Overview)


With an area of 83,600 Sq. Km and Population of around 5 Million, UAE is today one of the most developed country in the world based on various socio economic factors such as per capita, energy consumption per capita. The country has liberal social and economic policy and its foreign policy is based on pro western cultures. It consists of 7 emirates and culture stems from a deep-rooted belief in Islam. Arabic is the official language in UAE and English, Hindi, Urdu and Persian are the other language spoken. UAE is currently the member of UN, Arab League and OPEC. Read the rest of this entry »

I, the hoi polloi: By Ranam Adhikari

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I am very much thankful to my brother and friend Mr. Ranam Adhikari for sending such a very worthy article which represents the commom situation of most of the people in our country.
I don’t have a delusion of grandeur. I know my limits – I am the hoi polloi. I don’t understand the obfuscations and rarefied esoteric jargons of your politics but don’t gullibly succumb to complete apathy and swallow your porky pies; hook, line and sinker. One need not know the whole rigamarole of body anatomy to say that he has a headache. Your placebo isn’t gonna work on muggins here because I am not in the habit of feigning anything, the artifice you are wizard at. Read the rest of this entry »

“You Are Behind”

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A must readable article by Rewati Raman Dhakal, Biratnagar 

“Nepal is one of the poorest country in the globe”. I knew this when I was in primary school. “Untouchability, poverty and disparities I see when I was in secondary level”. I found Nepal under debt a decade before in newspaper. But I didn’t paid concern because I was indulged in my solo business study, searching job, doing job.  Read the rest of this entry »

Role of Youth as Major Stakeholder in Nepal

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Nepal is always facing ups and down in its overall political career from its very beginning. From the period of King Prithivi Narayan Shah to Rajendra Bikram Shah, there were always political instability due to the power play from the one’s hand to others. In the period of Rana Regime, the country was almost gone back to early age from the view point of the general people’s living standard. Like wise, in Panchayat Era, besides a small group of elites and close to the royal families, there was no any major development in the lives of the ordinary people and in the situation of the country. People had hoped a lot from the democratic system. In comparison with the Royal Period, Rana Regime and Panchyat Era, the country has developed a lot and the living standard of the ordinary people has also take a new height but the overall situation is not satisfactory. They have got their rights in constitution but remain same in practical reality. The leaders became new royals, ranas and panchyatis but the people remain the same miserable ordinary people as like of before. Read the rest of this entry »

YCL, GPK and Prasain!

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YCL (Young Communist League of Maoists Party) is in fact proven that this is the group of immature youths organized for the mission of keeping the people under the threats of their party as of the period of the war time. Although, there are some good activities done by them which is really appreciated. But, they can’t get excuse from their overall criminal activities and terror all arround the country. These activities are not different than of a drug supplier establish a nurshing home to prove him a great social worker. They try to prove themselves a group of energetic youths which is really organized for the purpose of making a new Nepal and at the same times they are proving themselves as a group of gangsters which is established for the purpose of making terror all over the country. In the case of city areas especially in the Kathmandu Valley, seems that they are doing good works for eg: cooperating the Traffic Police to manage unsysmatic traffic of Kathmandu, cooperating the Metropolitans and so on but when we move outside of valley then there we can see their true faces. Read the rest of this entry »

Rising communal tens may lead the country towards fraction

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One of my school friend and also a blogger from the eastern part of Nepal, Ramesh Bhattarai has written about an example of the day by day rising a very critical and may be one of the most harmful issues of communal tensions in Nepal in his blog. He has written about the demand and the activities of socalled limbuwan in the eastern part of Nepal. As he has mentioned, there has written “Limbuwan Kshetra” in the every busses and micro bussess, I have also seen such writing in several buses (from Kakarbhitta to Kathmandu) in the Kalanki area. I, too have asked the drivers about that, then the answer was: There is no permission to any public vehicles without writing the Limbuwan Pradesh in the eastern part of the country. I really shocked hearing their answers.

I accept the fact that here is no equality among the different people of different castes and races. There are lots of genuine demands to be fulfille of such communal groups like Madhesi, Kirat, Limbu, Chepang etc. I give my full support to any group and individual fighting for own rights. I believe in equality between all the same beings around the world. Read the rest of this entry »