Happy Valentine’s Day, 2008

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First of all, i like to say a Very Happy Valentine’s Day and then after sorry for being out of the blogging world.

After a long time gap, i entered into the world of blogging again. Now, i hope to continue blogging again with the same enthusiasm as before. I know that there is no excuse of saying the lack of time, business, study, blah blah blah. It’s all because of nothing more than my laziness.

Anyway, now let’s start a fresh new beginning again. Today, it’s another Valentine’s Day and again i have no any plans. Actually, for having plans there should be a partner but how i can celebrate where there is me alone. Well, some can argue that it is no need to have a someone special. You can celebrate the day with your family members and with your friends. In some extent, this has some logic but i think that this day is particularly for the loving hearts and couples. I mean that specially for the beloved.

Yeah, we have special days with friends and families to celebrate and passing the beautiful memories. Similarly, this day, the Valentine’s Day is for the day with the beloved to make the love more wide and romantic. Well, there is also another logic that if you are in love every day will be the Valentine’s Day, every hours will be the Valentine’s Hours and every minutes will be the Valentine’s Minutes. It is also nice explanation but in reality, every day we have lots of duties and lots of limitations, too. So, in this very special occasion we can be free from all the boundaries and can separate the precious time specially for the beloved one and can make it a very worthwhile.

My best wishes to all the couples; this day will bring a new morning in your life with full of happiness, romance, and lots of love. And, to those who are as like me, still alone, will meet your beloved soon. Well, to find a girl friend or boy friend is not so difficult task but to find a true friend doesn’t depend upon you. It’s depends upon the right time.

I too have met a lot of girls in my life. I have attracted with many of them. With some, i have walked a little bit distance together. Still, there may someone in my heart and mind. But, i haven’t met that one to whom my heart is really searching for. How could she be my beloved while she even doesn’t understand my feelings and there is no any respect on them, while there is no much sharing and haven’t passed much time with each other? In fact, it is not for me single, it is only an example. I don’t believe in love at first sight, outlooks, handsome or beautiful alone. To understand one there have to pass a lot of time and share a lot of things with each other. Even the best friends (of opposite sex) may not be beloved.

To become a perfect couple, there should be a perfect understanding and transparent relationship with each other. There should be a respect between both of them and should have lots of love. One should have expressed every things clearly to another.

In the journey of life some people may impress us a lot and we may impress to some others. Among them some one may be too close to our heart and we will see the perfect choice and fall in love. But what i have known is that this is not in our own hand coz it’s all depends upon the time and that time may come in very short period in someone’s life and may be very far in someone’s. So, to those who have already got this time, make it more romantic as much as you can and to those who are still waiting, may get very soon in your life.

Hoping to get your love and comments as like of past.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, 2008

    aAkaR said:
    February 16, 2008 at 8:40 am

    After a long gap you r here………why can’t we read U regularly???

    utshab responded:
    February 16, 2008 at 9:30 am

    Thanks Aakar,

    I appreciate ur comment and try to update the blog at least once/twice in a week.

    Hope to get such comments regularly.

    pracas upreti said:
    March 12, 2008 at 12:06 am

    hey man ,

    worried , lets rock , hope u wont get tense dont worry if u can wait then its ok , life will definitely rock on next or next’s next year ,

    ani maile ta naya khabar tha paye ni ,la la , tara tadha bhaye pani k bhayo ra , dont worry , aaba ta calll garna jhan sasto parchha , ani 001- (sprint)/ (verizon ) ani aru pani khai kun ko number hola , aaba number chai tha bhai halchha ni haina , ok ,

    call gare pachi malai bhana hai , bye , take care

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