“You Are Behind”

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A must readable article by Rewati Raman Dhakal, Biratnagar 

“Nepal is one of the poorest country in the globe”. I knew this when I was in primary school. “Untouchability, poverty and disparities I see when I was in secondary level”. I found Nepal under debt a decade before in newspaper. But I didn’t paid concern because I was indulged in my solo business study, searching job, doing job. 

But few months ago, when I meet a new friend I got the chance to encounter and deepen with the some truth regarding Nepal. My new friend was friendly and he had a positive view towards Nepal. I shared him about my studies, association with social institution and my job as well. He was Michel from South Africa. He had completed his university from USA and later he started his career from internationally recognized organization. He had already served in Burundi, Iraq, Afghanistan and some more countries around the world. We talked on the several topics and issues. I shared him about Nepali people, culture and especially about my community.  

He was upset by incessant bandha asserted by different parties, groups, institution and people. The haphazard traffic mechanism which allow the domestic animals in highway and subway, poor literacy rate, unequal access on quality education, the gap between have and have not, the rampant child labor, the harshening dowry system and incompetent government to hold the constituent assembly election and to establish rule of law.  

During our conversation, he emotionally and with sympathy said a word “You are behind”. I surprised, listening the word “You are Behind” because I used to think myself a successful, aware and independent youth. I have had always anticipated a wonderful future for my family and myself being brought up well with good schooling, good job and a bit of inheritance property as well. 

After an hour long chat we departed for that day and later I interrogated myself in silence…. Am I only behind? Is rampant child labor only my fault and weakness? Have I ever played any role to dysfunction the socio economic situation through appealing bandha? Is it me, who is responsible to break the traffic rule and factors to foster dowry in society?  Could I alone bridge and narrow down the gap between have and have not and demolish the rooted corruption? Could I play an important role to hold the constituent assembly election? 

Analyzing the word “you are behind” I discovered that I alone is not behind. We nearly three crore Nepalese people are simultaneously behind. I realized that constituent assembly election to built new Nepal is an aspiration of Nepalese people. Dowry, child labor, recurring bandha, corruption gap between have and have not, illiteracy are the common challenge to all of us. My new friend Michel might have said the word “You are behind” after listening superstitious practices in our culture and from his personal experience, observation, reading and analysis. 

My visit to new friend taught me an important lesson in my life. That  “Single prosperity has a mere value and it cannot be perpetuated for a long time”. Because he would not have said the word “you are behind” knowing my academic and financial status. But he told to me the word “You are Behind” in aggregate, according to the ongoing situation of Nepal and HDI. I learn, man being a social being his/her identity is appended with his family, friends, community, culture, and nation. Individual identity gives us pleasure or woe only when one is alone. When we join the family, community, groups and institution new identity add with us. Like, when we are at home we are son/daughter, when we are in job we are either account officer, doctor, secretary, surgeon, engineer, professor and more. Similarly in world cup, when Romario shoot goal we say Brazil won the game. 

 I realized that personal prosperity and identity is not enough. To heighten the status of nation is a prime challenge to Nepalese now because our goodwill and fame have been overshadowed by internal conflict, Corruption and bandha which has paralyzed the system and worsen the identity and dignity.  So, I would like to request all Nepalese people from different walks of life to work genuinely to demolish the bad practices, disparities to uplift the status of nation As we have the song gaun… gaun bata utha  basti basti bata utha, yo desh ko muhar pherna lai utha. Because, if we want to widen our identity up to international arena our nation should be well recognized first. And if we want to boom your dignity then nation’s identity should flourish first. So, let’s work honestly to uplift the status of nation and for positive transformation. 



5 thoughts on ““You Are Behind”

    Missn Million said:
    July 3, 2007 at 12:06 am

    Good observation. mr. Dhakal correctly pointed out that honesty is a most for the uplift of the nation.
    Hand in hand, we can transform Nepal into a better place. But zeal along with honesy is what we lack.

    Basanta said:
    July 3, 2007 at 10:37 am

    Nice article!

    Utshabjee, you have a very good blog. I am a newcomer to the blogosphere. I would be happy if we could exchange our links.

    Manoj said:
    July 9, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    Mr. Dhakal, you have correctly pointed out the current situation of our country. Keep on your spirit. Point out more and more such issues. Keep on knocking in the mind of the sleeping people through such articles.

    “We are behind”

    neplizheart said:
    August 13, 2007 at 1:18 pm

    Good Job Mr. Dhakal! Keep up writing….

    Sushil Adhikari

    dilbasnet said:
    February 17, 2008 at 1:38 am

    Well its easy to write and comment in blog. But in reality to change society first of all we have to change ourselves. we blame politicains in one hand in another noone of us try to take part in political activity. its like chess players playing and outsiders watching them. we all know both players are playing stupid game. but we dont wana go into the ring and correct them. so we need to play parts in politics as independent as u can . like a group of we blogger can form a group and prove what we said in reality. otherwise we just say they keep on playing wrong and dirty game. lets form a blog party which is guided by all bloggers.

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