A Time to Love

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Everywhere, every seconds, there seems some people are being killed, some are being beaten, some are being dominated and some are being compelled to live under the threats. The real meaning of love and peace has been changing day by day and going to be removed from the dictionaries. All the people are becoming more selfish day by day. No one has the feelings of respect towards others. Everyone seems to want more than others and all the time he seems running towards the destination which has no end. Even in the families, there is no any proper understanding between the family members. Individuality is growing everywhere. If any one says that he loves somebody by heart than there rise suspect behind his motive. The movies like “American Beauty” of Hollywood, “Metro” of Bollywood etc. are the lively example of today’s’ world.

The world seems empty. All the people seem that they are no more than wild animals. Even in animals, there seems love between their own families but in the case of human being they seem more selfish than the animals. Where the hell our world is moving? And what the hell the people are going to be? Why everybody is so selfish? And what everybody wants to have? Everyone seems so busy that all the time they are moving here and there. They have no proper time to give their own families and friends.  All the people first think about themselves then after others. Even in the case of thinking about others they seek their own benefits.

I have left to believe others and have totally left to think that there is someone who really loves me and who will give me the support when I will be in problem. I have left to think that in this world there is really someone who is out from this disease. The whole world is sick and all the people have been suffering from the dangerous disease. Now a days, the song by ‘Stevie Wonder: A Time to Love’ always strike in my mind. I like to cry loudly singing this song in front of the huge mass but at the same time the disease catches me and I, too feel a shame on me and move ahead the never lasting destination where all the people are moving forward, leaving all their loves behind.

A Time To Love by Stevie Wonder

We have time for racism
We have time for criticism
Held bondage by our -ism’s
When will there be a time to love

We make time to debate religion
Passing bills and building prisons
For building fortunes and passing judgements
When will there be a time to love

At this point in history we have a choice to make
To either walk a path of love
Or be crippled by our hate
We have time to cause pollution
We have time to cause confusion
All wrapped up in our own illusions
When will there be a time to love

We make time to conquer nations
Time for oil exploration
Hatred, violence and terrorism
When will there be a time to love

At this moment in time
We have a choice to make
Father God is watching
While we cause mother earth so much pain
It’s such a shame

Not enough money for
The young, the old and the poor
But for war there is always more
When will there be a time to love

We make time for paying taxes
Or paying bills and buying status
But we will pay the consequences
If we don’t make the time to love

Now’s the time to pay attention
Yes now is the time – to love
A time love – love
A time to love
Please please won’t you tell me
When will there be a time to love 


One thought on “A Time to Love

    bhupen said:
    June 27, 2007 at 7:07 am

    I could not agree more with you. Films are the realities, except our Nepali films where its all about mouth first, sound later; slap and punches sound like the sound of a door being opened slowly… wish Nepali films show the reality. Is the bloddy censorship stopping people to shoot the reality of Nepal. So much is happening in Nepal, is there a director to create film to show to the world about the turmoil and hardship of our country. Is that good or bad ? I have no idea. But I agree with you in many ways.

    Films are Reality!

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