Bhedetar, Hile and Amlekhgunj

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Bhedetar & Hile TripBhedetar & Hile Trip

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In the evening of May 24 (Thursday), me and my senior colleague, Kumar Sir suddenly moved towards the travelling of east Nepal. Actually, Kumar Sir had a little bit personal work in Itahari, Sunsari and at the same time I also planned to visit my home town Biratnagar and my friends there. For that purpose I also demanded a leave of 3 days in office showing my some important tasks in Biratnagar which is not so important and I could do it 4-5 months later. Actually, I had become impatient to visit my own place because it had already become completely 7 months that I had last visited my home. In spite of having much important works in the office we, two left from Kathmandu promising to arrive in office by Monday.

Before crossing Thankot, my soul had already reached my home and run towards the junction (where my friends gather in Biratnagar). Kumar Sir is almost 7 years senior than me in the age but he is more friendly with me than friends of my own age. He is also an inspirational and romantic guy. I share everything with him as well as respect him very much. We both are interested in fun, entertainment, adventures and travelling. But, in the case of travelling, there is a little bit difference between me and him. I started to sleep and dream while getting into the bus but he hardly can. In the time of more than 12 hours we hardly made gufgaf coz of my boring habit of sleeping in the bus. We reached Itahari at 9 am in the morning of Friday. We decided to finish the work first and after that move towards the Biratnagar. We took a room in hotel, got refreshment and after having some meal, we moved for our works. In Itahari, Ramesh, my intimate friend who is also a Government Officer in Itahari helped us with his full effort so that we can complete our works by the afternoon of 3 pm. If he hadn’t helped us in that way the work can hardly be completed in one week. So, I am very grateful towards him.

This story is a little bit long so if you have passion to read then welcome if not you can leave it from here.

After finishing the work, I called in my home to Biratnagar, my mom and dad surprised interestingly and became so much happy hearing the news of my arrival. Actually, I hadn’t informed them earlier to give them surprise. We reached my home at around 4 pm, having some gufgaf with mom and dad, I hurriedly moved towards the junction leaving Kumar Sir with my dad. Kumar Sir was already much familiar with my family since many years ago. In the way to the junction, Ramesh called and requested me to come in a Kiran’s Café. Wow, what a surprise! he has already fixed a date with his girl friend to introduce with me. I joined them for half an hour had some interesting talks and leaving them alone for their romantic love talks, I move towards the junction. Their couple was really beautiful. There happened a little bit jealousy to me thinking of my loneliness, and at the same time wish their success in life. Heyyyy what a surprise! All of my friends, Nischal, Anish, Punit, Bishal, Parash, Amir, Sanjay etc were in the junction and all surprised seeing me there. I also surprised seeing there Bishal, who works in Janakpur and Parash, who has his own business in Damak. Our whole gang was encountered there in the same time. Actually, our junction is in one of the famus Furniture Showroom in Biratnagar which belongs to our friend Punit. I sat with them till the late evening and returned back to the home saying good bye till Dashain.

Hmm, the party hadn’t finished yet. Dad and Kumar Sir were having interesting gufgaf taking ship of Signature Whisky and the pieces of fried chicken on the roof of the home. I joined with them for some time and came down hearing the voice of Ramesh. We all did many talks till the midnight and go the bed at 1 o’ clock. Saturday morning, we planned to go Bhedetar. I also offered Parash and Punit to give the company with us. Ashish, who is the very close friend of me since the 7th grade in the school can’t be contacted. His mobile’s line had cut and also he wasn’t in his home. I tried a lot to contact him but couldn’t succeed. Actually, at Friday evening, I had talked with him in his office phone and he has promised me to come in the Junction but he didn’t come that day. I thought that he had encountered with his job which is more important than his personal feelings so he couldn’t come to meet me, gave assurance to my heart. We, five persons, Parash, Punit, Ramesh, Kumar Sir and me moved towards our destination to the Bhedetar. Punit and Parash were in the bike of Punit and me and Kumar Sir sat on the back of Ramesh’s bike. By Itahari, we succeed to manage another bike through a friend of Ramesh. From Dharan, Ananada who is also my school mate and also a journalist joined us. The travelling begun of six persons after having some pork fried, chicken momos and sprite. What a wonderful scenery and adventures road! feeling inside the soul and drinking it’s beauties, we reached to Bhedetar. Wow! What a cool weather. We climbed the View Tower and feel the nature from the top.

We sat there till 6.30 pm in the evening. Kumar Sir, Parash, Ananda and me had already finished two-two jugs of Tongba and Punit and Ramesh had finished 4 jolly sandy. Punit hadn’t drinked in his whole life and Ramesh had also left some one and half year ago after suffering from Jundish. Actually, I too had left drinking before some months ago but I couldn’t control myself from drinking tongba with sukuti which is the most famus of Nepal. Punit, Ramesh and Ananda were willing to return back but Parash, Kumar Sir and Me forced them to move towards the Hile. We had already booked the rooms in Bhedetar at afternoon thinking of the less chance of getting the rooms in evening seeing the crowd there. We had to pay Rs. 400 without staying in the room.

WoW! We reached Hile at around 8 pm and directly go to the Hotel Gajur and started to have tongba again. We had varieties of sukuti, pork and meal. There met two young guys around the age of 17 who were came from Itahari but by their guf, seems as like the grandfather of us. Anyway, they both are more interesting. I didn’t remember when I became Jhyap and got a sleep. Only in the morning, I become fresh. There was young and beautiful girl named Maili who was also very active. She had served well with her smiling face to us. What a memorable sweet coffee made by Maili. We returned back from there having some gufgaf with her at around 7 am. My soul wasn’t feeling comfort to leave that beautiful place but our jobs, we couldn’t let us there for some more hours too. Really, Bhedetar, Mulghat, Dhankuta and Hile all are heart touchy and one of the most beautiful places of our country. Thank God! we get the petrol in the jerkins in Dhankuta otherwise we would have to come by bus keeping the bikes in the hoot. This was our trip to Dharan, Dhankuta, Bhedetar, Dhankuta and Hile.

In the evening of Sunday, we (Kumar Sir and Me) caught a bus to Kathmandu saying to all of the friends good bye. We were returning back thinking those beautiful moments in the soul and hoping to visit again in Dashain, the bus stopped in Bhantabari. It stopped there for near about 1 hour making all the passengers bore for some it’s own problems. We sat in the bank of Koshi river for some while and returned back to the bus, ate some fishes there. The bus started and I didn’t remember when I slept. Suddenly, I woke up feeling too much hot at the midnight. The bus hadn’t moved and Kumar Sir wasn’t in my side. I wondered and saw here and there, many of the people were not in their seats. I also came outside from the bus and there saw so many busses stopped covering the whole road. Kumar Sir was also outside. I saw the clock it was near about 4 am of the morning. I asked him about the incident then I got know that the busses were stopped there by 1 am of the midnight. There had an accident and a group had blocked the road. Oh set! We had to reach the office on Monday by office hour but we were trapped in the Middle of the Highway, Amlekhgunj. Nights were gone and the sun started to threw it’s hot rays over us but there was no any sign of opening the blockade. While investigating about the incident, we came to know that, in Jeetpur which is already left behind, there a truck hit a man and killed. Police arrest the truck driver and captured the truck but, some local forcibly entered into the police station and brought out the driver and beat him unless he became unconscious, burned the truck and threw him over the fire but the policemen brought him out and hospitalized. The association of the truck drivers was in Amlekhgunj and the driver was of Hetauda, so they blocked the road of whole Amlekhgunj and Hetauda. Times were passing, days were becoming hot and hot, roads started to melt but there were no sign of opening the blocade. The very little numbers of hotels and shops were already become empty. There were nothing to eat and even there was scarce of drinking water. Near about 10 thousands of people were trapped in that middle of the highway. Most of them were women, children and old people. All were laid down in the jungle. Mouths were dry and stomachs were feeling hungry but nothing to eat and no water to drink. We had taken the bus in the evening of Sunday but I found there were the people who had taken the bus of Sunday morning. They had already faced one blockade in Lahan of more than 10 hours. We were a little bit lucky than them because we shouldn’t face that blockade due to travelling in the night bus. Thanks to that tripperwala who brought a tripper of Watermelon. People ran hurriedly towards the tripper before it stopped. What a crowd of hunger and thirst around the tripper crying to get it. We also couldn’t wait and ran towards it and ate a whole of one. This had given a great energy inside us. In the mid day of 12 noon some people cried and made slogan and appeal to make the rally in against the blockade. We also accepted that proposal and move with them. We started the rally and appealed to all of the people to give their support but I felt at that time that we Nepali had build up the habit of not do anything against our rights but later curse only to others. We leave to do anything to others whether it is harming to us or not and later falling in the well we curse to others but do not think that there is also our responsibility to protect our rights and protest against wrong things. Hardly, we made a rally of 500 to 1000 people and went to gherao the police station. What the irresponsible answer of the incharge that this was not their matter of concern, there were having talks between the driver association and the local people. I wondered! whether it is the matters of concern of administration or not? We again move towards the main point of blocade to request to open it but a group of people chased all of us with the swords and rods. We couldn’t do anything even we couldn’t talk with them properly rather than ran away saving our lives in the mid noon of that hot place. Then, I felt that there is no state in the country. Anyone can do anything. No any person of the country is secure here. There is no security of the general people. All of the people were feeling stateless. They were talking about the failure of the country and laughing on the democracy in our country. They were questioning themselves is that the democracy for which they had done so terrible struggle, for which their sons, daughters, father, mother, brother and sister were lost their lives? I also remembered that day in Tripushewor when the bullet passed near by me and a person fell on the road while I also had a very narrow escape from the mouth of death. I also remembered of that days when I used to come on the street without caring about the curfew with shoot at sight order for bringing the democracy in the country. Is this the day which we people had assumed at that period? What is the differences to we people whether there is the King or Political Parties, first time I didn’t get differences between the King and the political parties while I am one of the person who always support the republican and always in against of any kind of the existence of the King. At that time, I cursed myself for the first time in my life of being a Nepali. That whole day we all the people were compelled to stay in the middle of the highway fighting with the hot, hunger and thirst thinking about the opening of the blockade. Kumar Sir and I had tried togo to Siraha and should catch the plane but at that time we have hardly 200 ruppees in our pocket. Actually, Ramesh was telling us to take soem more money but i refused to take it on the night journey. So, i had only taken the money which is neccessary to reach Kathmandu. Thanks to our luck again, we succeed to manage some money there through a person there, who had the relationship with our Boss, in Kathmandu. At the same time there came a news that the blockade will be opened by the evening and we also waited there of opening the blockade.

 But no way, the day passed and the evening began no any news of happiness. At around 6 pm there comes the news of talks that the CDO had faxed a letter to the association of fulfilling their demand and then the blockade would be opened. Everyone ran towards their vehicles crying with happiness and the busses also blow horns and started but the blockade didn’t opened. We becoming hopeless came out from the buss and went to understand the problem. Yes it was real that the letter had faxed by the CDO but some people of the groups threw it in the fire saying they didn’t believe in such nonsense papers and didn’t ready to open the road. Feeling too much hungry, I went to the hotel in which we had got two eggs in the afternoon. I asked the hotel sahuni for the meal, at first she told me that there was nothing but later in my humble request she agreed to provide meal for only we two person. Anyway, that dinner was the tastiest dinner for us. After having some walks in the evening, we went to the bus. I woke up with the big noise in the mid night suddenly and got know that the blockade is going to open. I saw my clock that the time was 12.30 of midnight. Completely more than 24 hours passed in one blockade.

The blockade opened but we reached the Hetauda at around 6 am in the morning due to the jam while it was only of 1 hour distance for the busses. We arrived in Kathmandu at 2.30 pm in the afternoon of Tuesday while we had taken the bus in 6 pm of Sunday. After having bath and having some meal, I laid down in the bed and remembered all of the incidents from the trip of Bhedetar, Hile and Amlekhgunj. In my bus, there were a couple of young boy and girl. Hmm what a love story. I also like to give thank to them for making us a little bit fresh by their activities. There were others few people also who were feeling happy due to the blockade. In that whole day, almost I had fallen in the beauty of a lady. But, there were some villains with her so I couldn’t collect strength to talk to her and my story was closed in the first line. Thinking that was also a great experience of the life and the reality of our country, I imagined a lot of things about the future of me and my country.

All the photos are clicked through the camera of Ananda Koirala. We are sorry for couldn’t providing the photos of Amlekhgunj and the situation faced by us and many people as like us due ot the lack of camera with us. I am feeling so regret for not taking the camera. Actually, in the great hurry i had forgotten to take.


12 thoughts on “Bhedetar, Hile and Amlekhgunj

    Friend said:
    June 15, 2007 at 9:40 am

    Sab bhanda ramro ko? Utshab! 🙂

    Friend said:
    June 15, 2007 at 9:43 am

    Who is the girl behind? Not of your team? 🙂

    Utshab said:
    June 15, 2007 at 10:08 am


    Thanks! ramro bhaneko ma tara yo photo ma aru ko picture ali clear naayera matra ho natra aru ma bhanda pani ramro chhan.

    Anyway, that girl had come with her own boyfriend but giving the line to me. So, i thought why not take her picture, too.

    victor said:
    June 15, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    purei padhna time bhayena aadha matra padhe aadha next time padhchhu
    tomba khane bela ma malai pani samjhanu parthyo

    ananda koirala said:
    June 16, 2007 at 8:22 am

    first of allthanks for putting exclusive pic of vadetar and trip of hile .
    i like that
    i am happy with that picture

    ananda dharan

    Kumar Adhikri said:
    June 18, 2007 at 3:47 pm

    Wow! its the greatest reflection from the field ” Biratnagar- Itahari- Dharan- Bhedetar- Dhankuta- Hile”. I am still to be there having read your very nice, descriptive and impressive article, this is my current feeling.

    If all our friends(already mentioned the names in your article) from the Biratnagar were not involved at that tour, our journey would not be interesting and memoriable.

    At last, I must say Utshab jee, Thank you very much for your wonderful job.


    ayesha said:
    September 17, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    hi dai.nice description.but who is the girl?????

    utshab responded:
    September 18, 2007 at 12:13 pm

    Hi Ayesha,

    Thanks for ur comment. That girl was also there. I think she was with her own boyfren but giving line to us.

    KHEMRAJ said:
    December 18, 2009 at 11:02 pm


    sami solomon said:
    August 5, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    I am interested about bhedetar so if you can tell me more please send to my e-mail

    Khadga Magar said:
    October 13, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    mero pyaro dhankuta hile bazar animero gauon trisule gurase ko sathiharulai namaskar6

    pracasinfosys (@pracasinfosys) said:
    August 24, 2012 at 11:01 am

    Dear Utshab, Glad to know about your blog , as i was searching for bhedetar hotel in google i found your blog in 10th position.

    Well! we have been developing the first website from Bhedetar and this website will be the first website of Bhedetar, its Hotel Majestic, Bhedetar

    Thank You

    Prakash Upreti
    Pracas Infosys

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