YCL, GPK and Prasain!

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YCL (Young Communist League of Maoists Party) is in fact proven that this is the group of immature youths organized for the mission of keeping the people under the threats of their party as of the period of the war time. Although, there are some good activities done by them which is really appreciated. But, they can’t get excuse from their overall criminal activities and terror all arround the country. These activities are not different than of a drug supplier establish a nurshing home to prove him a great social worker. They try to prove themselves a group of energetic youths which is really organized for the purpose of making a new Nepal and at the same times they are proving themselves as a group of gangsters which is established for the purpose of making terror all over the country. In the case of city areas especially in the Kathmandu Valley, seems that they are doing good works for eg: cooperating the Traffic Police to manage unsysmatic traffic of Kathmandu, cooperating the Metropolitans and so on but when we move outside of valley then there we can see their true faces.

I am being confused by their activities, either they are not understanding the time and the mind of people or they are damn caring all over this. This is the transition period for the country and for them too. This is period of transformation of the state and as well as transformation of them. In this period they should try to show them really a people’ s party which is come to make a new Nepal and they should try to wash the dirts of the war time by making friendly relation with the people and cooperating them rather than threating them. Why don’t they understand the fact of multiparty democracy and why are they behaving as like they have come on ground to won the election with the force of gun and their terrorising activities? I am confused whether they are sensible or all their promises are the part of a drama.

As being a Nepali, i am the sympathiser of all the parties, groups and organization established by the Nepalis thinking for the goodness of the Nepali People. So, i would like to see the YCL being a responsible groups of people which is really a friend of we Nepali People and is established for the purpose of making a new Nepal.

GPK (Girija Prasad Koirala) is the name of person who is always falling in controversy in the whole political careeer of his life. The person who had been the most hated person  of the Nepali Politics some years ago and who has become the most needed and great leader of the current period.  But in this overall changing period of his political life, i can’t see any such great things which is really done in the power of his own and should  really  appreciated. This is his good luck that the time has made him hero. Even in this current period, there can see lots of activities which is disturbing the roadmap of the nepali people rather than moving it ahead by his personal thoughts and egos. He is the person of the great egos and the person who never forget to speak “I do that what i speak” but in reality just opposite.

Siraram Prasain! i don’t want to write anymore about him. He is the person who was decalred a corrupted by Nepal Rastra Bank in the case of issuing 280 million ruppees without proper documents. He is the corrupted and the great enemy of the country. He was seen giving the party to all the top leaders, police officers and great persons of the country while there has issued warrant against him. He was openly challenging the whole government and the people. There was no any line of fault in his face.

YCL captured Prasain from his office, publiced him in the Open Air, decalred his black activities and handed over the metropolitan police. In this case, as being  ordinary nepali I appriciate and thanks to the YCL for doing such things which couldn’t done by the  government heading by GPK. Many people all over the country is clapping for this great work. But, GPK is being fired while helping his government to capture the criminal. I am again confused, why GPK become fired while YCL has helped the government to capture the criminal who is escaping in the police record? He is silent on the issues while YCL is extending terror all over the country but he has opened his mouth to curse them while it has done the right thing. What is the problem of all these characthers?


3 thoughts on “YCL, GPK and Prasain!

    Prajwol said:
    June 5, 2007 at 6:33 pm

    As far as I understand, GPK is delaying the CA poll on purpose. As per the instruction from India and America, GPK only want’s to conduct CA poll after unification of two congress or else it’s pretty obvious that Communist will have the overwhelming majority in the poll. However, one good thing about GPK is he doesn’t have rush of blood, he doesn’t commit to something rash immediately like many other fellow leader’s cry in the mass.

    For a long run, it’s bad too see group like YCL running parallel law and enforcement, now we have YCL then we might of others too, this is a very bad culture if established.

    However, desperate times requires desparate measures, at present context not only YCL, all students wings and common people should capture criminals and give it to authorities. I am not advocating then punishing those criminals but simply handing over to authorities, since government seems too lame to capture them, the media attention will ensure the government to take some actions. “People shouldn’t be afraid of government, it’s the government that should be afraid of people, afterall people are the employers of the government”

    bhupen said:
    June 15, 2007 at 11:17 am

    Are you related to nepalivoices.com ? just wondering…
    i mean the site theme looks the same, but we all cane have the same theme right ? sorry for that nasty question up there.

    My only wish is that you have more contents not related to politics. Looking at Nepal’s situation now, i am beginning to hate the term “politics”

    Utshab said:
    June 15, 2007 at 12:15 pm

    Hi Bhupen,

    I am related to BLOGAN but it doesn’t mean that for that cause the theme is same. I have choosen this theme coz i like this very much. Actually, i am changing my theme from time by time to have a new refreshment.

    Well, now a days, i am also gettig bored and worried from the term politics in our Nepali Context. And, i don’t want to say anything like the talks of philosophy and principle of politics and people coz no any relevances of such talks in our present context. But also, sometimes the fingure itself go forward to write something from the passive heart. We can’t do anything actually no any people can do anything for this country. So, there is no way of leaving our furtune in the hands of monkeys. We can only see what the hell these monkeys will play over our fate.

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