Month: June 2007

“You Are Behind”

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A must readable article by Rewati Raman Dhakal, Biratnagar 

“Nepal is one of the poorest country in the globe”. I knew this when I was in primary school. “Untouchability, poverty and disparities I see when I was in secondary level”. I found Nepal under debt a decade before in newspaper. But I didn’t paid concern because I was indulged in my solo business study, searching job, doing job.  Read the rest of this entry »


Life and Struggle-Author Unknown

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A man found a cocoon of an emperor moth. He took it home so that he could watch the moth come out of the cocoon.

On the day a small opening appeared, he sat and watched the moth for several hours as the moth struggled to force the body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and it could go no farther. It just seemed to be stuck. Read the rest of this entry »

A Time to Love

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Everywhere, every seconds, there seems some people are being killed, some are being beaten, some are being dominated and some are being compelled to live under the threats. The real meaning of love and peace has been changing day by day and going to be removed from the dictionaries. All the people are becoming more selfish day by day. No one has the feelings of respect towards others. Everyone seems to want more than others and all the time he seems running towards the destination which has no end. Even in the families, there is no any proper understanding between the family members. Individuality is growing everywhere. If any one says that he loves somebody by heart than there rise suspect behind his motive. The movies like “American Beauty” of Hollywood, “Metro” of Bollywood etc. are the lively example of today’s’ world. Read the rest of this entry »

A Room in My Heart

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Sometimes it is so easy to forget everything and damn care about others. Only like to live in own dream being selfish. Sometimes it is so easy to leave all the memories behind and walk forward to make a new one. Sometimes it is so easy to leave the hands behind which are keen to join with us. Sometimes it is so easy to live alone thinking about the truth of coming alone in this world and should go alone. Sometimes it is so easy to be left behind and say good bye to those who are close to our heart. But, sometimes it is harder than to die, to accept the loneliness and being left by someone in the middle of the journey where there is surrounded darkness everywhere and become much difficult to come out and move forward towards the destiny. Read the rest of this entry »

Role of Youth as Major Stakeholder in Nepal

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Nepal is always facing ups and down in its overall political career from its very beginning. From the period of King Prithivi Narayan Shah to Rajendra Bikram Shah, there were always political instability due to the power play from the one’s hand to others. In the period of Rana Regime, the country was almost gone back to early age from the view point of the general people’s living standard. Like wise, in Panchayat Era, besides a small group of elites and close to the royal families, there was no any major development in the lives of the ordinary people and in the situation of the country. People had hoped a lot from the democratic system. In comparison with the Royal Period, Rana Regime and Panchyat Era, the country has developed a lot and the living standard of the ordinary people has also take a new height but the overall situation is not satisfactory. They have got their rights in constitution but remain same in practical reality. The leaders became new royals, ranas and panchyatis but the people remain the same miserable ordinary people as like of before. Read the rest of this entry »

Bhedetar, Hile and Amlekhgunj

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Bhedetar & Hile TripBhedetar & Hile Trip

To View More Photos Click Here: Flickr Photos of Bhedetar & Hile

In the evening of May 24 (Thursday), me and my senior colleague, Kumar Sir suddenly moved towards the travelling of east Nepal. Actually, Kumar Sir had a little bit personal work in Itahari, Sunsari and at the same time I also planned to visit my home town Biratnagar and my friends there. For that purpose I also demanded a leave of 3 days in office showing my some important tasks in Biratnagar which is not so important and I could do it 4-5 months later. Actually, I had become impatient to visit my own place because it had already become completely 7 months that I had last visited my home. In spite of having much important works in the office we, two left from Kathmandu promising to arrive in office by Monday.

Before crossing Thankot, my soul had already reached my home and run towards the junction (where my friends gather in Biratnagar). Kumar Sir is almost 7 years senior than me in the age but he is more friendly with me than friends of my own age. He is also an inspirational and romantic guy. I share everything with him as well as respect him very much. We both are interested in fun, entertainment, adventures and travelling. But, in the case of travelling, there is a little bit difference between me and him. I started to sleep and dream while getting into the bus but he hardly can. In the time of more than 12 hours we hardly made gufgaf coz of my boring habit of sleeping in the bus. We reached Itahari at 9 am in the morning of Friday. We decided to finish the work first and after that move towards the Biratnagar. We took a room in hotel, got refreshment and after having some meal, we moved for our works. In Itahari, Ramesh, my intimate friend who is also a Government Officer in Itahari helped us with his full effort so that we can complete our works by the afternoon of 3 pm. If he hadn’t helped us in that way the work can hardly be completed in one week. So, I am very grateful towards him.

This story is a little bit long so if you have passion to read then welcome if not you can leave it from here. Read the rest of this entry »

YCL, GPK and Prasain!

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YCL (Young Communist League of Maoists Party) is in fact proven that this is the group of immature youths organized for the mission of keeping the people under the threats of their party as of the period of the war time. Although, there are some good activities done by them which is really appreciated. But, they can’t get excuse from their overall criminal activities and terror all arround the country. These activities are not different than of a drug supplier establish a nurshing home to prove him a great social worker. They try to prove themselves a group of energetic youths which is really organized for the purpose of making a new Nepal and at the same times they are proving themselves as a group of gangsters which is established for the purpose of making terror all over the country. In the case of city areas especially in the Kathmandu Valley, seems that they are doing good works for eg: cooperating the Traffic Police to manage unsysmatic traffic of Kathmandu, cooperating the Metropolitans and so on but when we move outside of valley then there we can see their true faces. Read the rest of this entry »