Month: May 2007

Biography of Ernesto (Che) Guevara

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 Photo of Che Guevara

 “Let the World Change You…… and You Can Change the World” 

I am feeling great proudness while putting this biography of one of the most famous and a great an a inspiring leader of his time Che Guevara. He is one of the ideal leaders for me. I really respect his strength and his sacrifice against in the fight of inequality till the last minute of his life. I feel great happiness inside me while I see the youngsters wearing the t-shirts and badges of Che Guevara in the streets, colleges and busses. Many of them may have well known about him but many of them may have only walked after the fashion. So, through this blog I would like to share the story of the person, how a romantic, fun loving and the person as like us became a great and a very strong and a competent leader of his time. Although he was involved in the communist party and was a communist leader, I don’t assume him a leader of only a specific party. I respect him as the leader of his generation. This biography has been taken from I would also like to refer the movie “The Motorcycle Diaries” to those who are interested to know more about him. This movie has really given a nice reflection of his journey from Argentina to Venezuela. Read the rest of this entry »