Rising communal tens may lead the country towards fraction

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One of my school friend and also a blogger from the eastern part of Nepal, Ramesh Bhattarai has written about an example of the day by day rising a very critical and may be one of the most harmful issues of communal tensions in Nepal in his blog. He has written about the demand and the activities of socalled limbuwan in the eastern part of Nepal. As he has mentioned, there has written “Limbuwan Kshetra” in the every busses and micro bussess, I have also seen such writing in several buses (from Kakarbhitta to Kathmandu) in the Kalanki area. I, too have asked the drivers about that, then the answer was: There is no permission to any public vehicles without writing the Limbuwan Pradesh in the eastern part of the country. I really shocked hearing their answers.

I accept the fact that here is no equality among the different people of different castes and races. There are lots of genuine demands to be fulfille of such communal groups like Madhesi, Kirat, Limbu, Chepang etc. I give my full support to any group and individual fighting for own rights. I believe in equality between all the same beings around the world.

But, the problem is; taking only into the consideration of the Nepalese context, here has established a very bad and sad culture of protesting and the system of voices making heard. All the groups have only known to use force and to pressurize the ordinary people making them in trouble. The government and the policy makers of our country have narrow conception and the very bad system of ignoring the people voices and they are sick by feudalistic thought.They feel themselves are the supreme people and the most intelligent people of the Country.  They don’t know to listen others. They have only known the destructive way of protests and they can only hear the sound comes from the death of the people and the destruction of physical infrastructure.

In the recent context of Nepal, the fashion of raising the demand of separate state is being much popular. There are lots of Madhesi Groups protesting in the Terai and some of them have strongly raised the demand of separate state. Likewise, Limbuwan and some other indigenous groups are also raising such voices. I appreciate the demand of rights and equality but I can’t give my support when there comes the demand and issues of splitting the country in the name of communal state.

Even I can’t go in the demand of federal structure where there is no any Poper  understanding, study and homework about the federalism, it’s models, it’s benefits and disadvantages, it’s needs and needs not as regarding to the geographical, demographic, economic, social and political context of Nepal. Till today, no any expert or politician has given any proper, academic and practical view towards the Federalism in Nepal. If asked to the socalled intellectual and top most political leaders about the issues, they simply turn behind saying that we are also learning about it or some of them have readymade answer; this is a political issue so this can be solved politically, it’s easy. Haaa I laugh at myself and at my leaders. If they also are unaware about the issues then why they are raising such voices infront of ordianry people?

The transitinal period is running in our country. This is the most critical situation and all the decisions and the issue should be taken only after doing lots of homework and being more sincere. If a small mistake is done then there is a chance of great bidhroha. So, in this situations whether is it right to raise such voices of separate state?

This is only the vested interest and conspiracy of splitting the country of certain individuals and groups. The interest of palace: make weak to the people and political parties and be powerful and always become the supremo of the country, some of the top leaders of the communal groups: split the country, make own states and become the supreme leaders, president, chief minister and top most officials of those states, the interest of India: how week the Nepal is, they can play the game of interest and can continue their dominating power over the Nepal, America: the only way out to prevent the communist parties in power, support such communal groups, provoke them, make instability in the Nepal and try to send back to the communist groups, as like there have mixed the interests of some politicians of all the parties to raise these issues and there are the different interests of all the different parties behind keeping quite. All these activities are only centered to create the environment to make failure the constituent assembly election.

Three or four men openly fire an ordinary people in the middle of the city and move crying the slogans. After some times, a group accept the criminal activities and threaten that it’s their political activities and they killed that person coz he has done so…………..Like wise, a group abduct anybody, destroy anything or do any activity which they like and said that it’s the road map of their protest. Nothing happens against their activities. Such criminal and cruel activities are growing day by day. I am confused, whether there is government in the country? What the hell is really going on in our country? What the hell the socalled political parties of the people and the government are watching? Why there is no any action against such criminal activities? Is our country really become a nation without punishment and the nation of the criminals?

Raising the voices of rights and equity is genuine in the democracy by any groups and forces but there shouldn’t let the groups free while raising the voice of splitting the country whether in the democratic country or whatever. So, whoever the groups are and whatever their interests are there should take strong actions immediately against such groups. If the government can’t do any actions and become as like the statue then, within some months here may born such groups of each family and everyone started to do bandha, strike etc.

The need of the hour is unity and solidarity towards making really a New Nepal, to restructure its overall components, to make success the task of CA Election and writing and approving the constitution by the people for the people. I strongly stand against all of the groups and its activities against splitting the country and I demand strong action against such groups and individuals. I strongly condemn of all the criminal and destructive activities of any groups.

 I would like to request with all of such groups, plz help the country move forward peace and stability, be united, protest peacefully taking the trouble of the ordinary people in mind and do not raise the voices of splitting the country within communal, castes and races but raise the voices of making the CA Election completely success, restructuring the country, power decentralization, rights and equity and even federal structure but as regarding the geographical, demographic, economic, political and social context of our country. Voices raised for chief popularity may lead the country towards the darkness forever in the long run. Be foresighted and think for the time of another hundreds of years ahead.


8 thoughts on “Rising communal tens may lead the country towards fraction

    Mr. Adhikari said:
    April 27, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    Utshab Ji, nice feelings and analysis. All these groups are running by non other than palace and the forces who want instability in our country. It is as transparent as the glass.

    BG Corner said:
    April 28, 2007 at 1:37 am

    Mr. Adhikari may be true. I too think Palace and New Delhi are trying to make Nepal mess.
    But it’s easy to suspect others. Isn’t it the shortsightedness of our leaders that has led us to this state?
    Hope they will change.

    admin from weblali.com said:
    May 1, 2007 at 10:40 pm

    First of all, hats off to you for your nice blog. If i were to predict the future here is what is going to happen, loktantrat will remain a mantra for 2 more years, king will come back for a while then go again, those who left for jungles will reappear again. Loktantra will again be before us. Then, i have no idea. Perhaps by then i might be dead! Thinking about nepal’s situation time and again has made many of us sick. Our life expectancy is not happy with so much going on in nepal. Sometime i wish i had not visited blogs about politics. Nepal is making me sick!

    Afno Kura responded:
    May 6, 2007 at 9:07 am


    Sometimes i too think as like u and many of us are suffering from this desease. We all are sick who love this country coz our country is suffering from Cancer. We have to cut the whole existing system of this country and remove all the viruses (Monarch and all the incompetent, corrupt, selfish and sick leaders) from this country. The overall structure should be restructured and the fate of this country should be handover to the new, young and energetic people. There should be changed not only in the physical apperances (Change in leadership) but also in the psychology, perception, thinking and overall behaviour of the country and the people. Then only our country may be well, otherwise this cancer may end our lives.

    lahure said:
    May 7, 2007 at 3:33 pm

    Maoist are the one who started to divide nation in communal manner with the name of different “Mukti Morcha”.

    patriot said:
    January 4, 2012 at 2:25 am


    patriot said:
    January 4, 2012 at 2:47 am


    patriot said:
    January 4, 2012 at 2:56 am

    i would to adrress some point in your article

    first federal states do not seperate a country. it is only a form of governance which is practiced in different part of the world. Switzerland most peaceful contry in the world has seperate states. Nepal can learn from switzerland.

    purrpose of federal states is to represent and distribute power to different groups of a country, which is very necessary in Nepal because nepal has a large number of different ethnic groups. so the central governement of a particular caste cannot represent all these different groups.

    in todays scenario federal state is not only outmost necessary but is the only option we have left. because the goevenment failed to represent different groups so if federalism in not declared then the different groups may lead to civil war and complete destruction of the country.

    these groups are nepali our brothers and sisters and nepali citizen so it is the duty of the governement to address their needs because the geovernemt is only thier representatives. if the governement does not address its peoples need then that government can be declared a dictator governemt.

    so it is time the we nepali come out of the illusion that seperate states will divide a country. in fact it will protect the country and if seperate states are not declared then i cannot tell what the future of nepali and our very future be . so it necessary we erase this illusion and save ourselves.

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