Virtue of the Things in Life

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Dear Frens,

Its really a very sad story but it is the truth. Nature hasn’t discriminated anyone but we are making the class between ourselves. World is the common property not only of all the people but also there should be equal rights of all living beings. But what is happening here is: we can’t move freely one place to another place, we can’t use gifts of the nature equally, and we can’t do anything which we like to do. Every person wants to be richer than other. Every person tries to dominate other. Every person tries to have more things than other. We shouldn’t forget that we all are the same species and the same children of the earth. So the earth is the mother of all species and we all have equal rights and duties towards the earth. But……………

Know the Virtue of things you get in life

See the difference ..

For getting food,

Discrimination on Food



Discrimination on Shelter



Differences on Education



Differences on Entertainment








Ufff, what a differences among the same beings. How and when there is equality? Why we are being so selfish in this short period of life? What we will take with us after the death? What we have brought with us when we have first come to this world? Isn’t this earth is the equal property for all the beings? Think about it seriously.


2 thoughts on “Virtue of the Things in Life

    Diwakar Dhungel said:
    April 16, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    Dear Utsav

    Thank you very much for your thought provoking and pictures…I appreciate your views. We have to accept nature. But, I reckon that whatever nature has given to us, we cannot change…….Let us try to change our attitude…instead of weeping what we don’t have let us try to work out and concentrate on those things which we have….let us try to take our problems as challenges and turn it into stepping stone…Remember, within this system there has been numerous exemplary cases…

    Let us hope for the best and prepare for the worst….

    Thanks Utsav once again

    Prajwol said:
    April 16, 2007 at 11:16 pm

    Perfect pictures for comparisons.

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