Month: April 2007

Rising communal tens may lead the country towards fraction

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One of my school friend and also a blogger from the eastern part of Nepal, Ramesh Bhattarai has written about an example of the day by day rising a very critical and may be one of the most harmful issues of communal tensions in Nepal in his blog. He has written about the demand and the activities of socalled limbuwan in the eastern part of Nepal. As he has mentioned, there has written “Limbuwan Kshetra” in the every busses and micro bussess, I have also seen such writing in several buses (from Kakarbhitta to Kathmandu) in the Kalanki area. I, too have asked the drivers about that, then the answer was: There is no permission to any public vehicles without writing the Limbuwan Pradesh in the eastern part of the country. I really shocked hearing their answers.

I accept the fact that here is no equality among the different people of different castes and races. There are lots of genuine demands to be fulfille of such communal groups like Madhesi, Kirat, Limbu, Chepang etc. I give my full support to any group and individual fighting for own rights. I believe in equality between all the same beings around the world. Read the rest of this entry »


The 4th Meet of Bloggers: Numbers Doubled

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 Blog Meet 4-Group Photo

WoW, this time really the meet was so much encouraging and satisfying that the numbers of the bloggers are 24. And, the more important, there were 6 ladies bloggers attending the meeting while in the past rarely 1 or 2. This time the meeting was become a great achievement and much fruitful coz there were lots of discussion in a very much interactive way. There had attended a great source of motivation to all the Bloggers Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Boarder Expert of Nepal. The whole meeting was centered on the discussion of needs and needs not of the formal registration of the BLOGAN. Finally, we were in conclusion of registering the organization with the Theme of Blogdom for Freedom but with a little bit and most importatnt conditions for healthy blogging. I am not going to mention overall of the Meeting here coz there are already lots of very beautiful entries about the meet. The links are as below:

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“Udheshya k linu Udichhunu Chandra Ek Din”


May this New Year Brings Peace, Prosperity and Democratic Republican in the Country and we may have success in our every steps.

May this New Year takes to the Nepali Blogsphere to the new hieght and fills a great enthusiasm inside the bloggers.

Hope the dream of every ordinary people comes true in this year and we will have a political stability, economic development, employment generation and the fulfillment of the every basic needs in the country.


Wish U A Very Happy New Year, 2064.


With Lots of Hopes,

Virtue of the Things in Life

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Dear Frens,

Its really a very sad story but it is the truth. Nature hasn’t discriminated anyone but we are making the class between ourselves. World is the common property not only of all the people but also there should be equal rights of all living beings. But what is happening here is: we can’t move freely one place to another place, we can’t use gifts of the nature equally, and we can’t do anything which we like to do. Every person wants to be richer than other. Every person tries to dominate other. Every person tries to have more things than other. We shouldn’t forget that we all are the same species and the same children of the earth. So the earth is the mother of all species and we all have equal rights and duties towards the earth. But…………… Read the rest of this entry »