A Traveling to my favorite place “Nangedada”

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In the evening of the last Friday, February 23, 2007, there came a ring on my mobile from the number of my “Sahilo Mama” (Uncle). He purposed me to join the traveling to the Nangedada (a mountain) which is situated in the Sindhuli District, approx 100 kms far from the Kathmandu Valley. I wondered and feel excitement, immediately said “wow”, I am ready. Actually, Nangedada is the place where my Mom was born, passing her childhood. She had left her lots of experiences, with the mud sharing her lots of feelings. The place which I had visited when I was the age of 4, but no any memories, only some stories which my Mom had told to me that how I was reached there, what I had done there, how I had made all the people tired by doing and showing my childish behavior etc. Although, I had lots of will to visit that place, I couldn’t make my dream possible till the date coz it had been a lots of years that all of the mom’s family members had migrated in Kathmandu. But, still there was some ropanis of lands and the house where my Mom’s childhood had grown up. My Mama told me to wake up at 4 O’clock early in the morning have to get the first bus of 5 am. The time became too much late to me. I couldn’t sleep properly at that night. I had to see my watch 4 times on the night thinking about the 4 am while, usually it always become hard to wake up even at 7 am in the morning to me. Actually, my interest of traveling and my love with the nature is not so new but that whole night passed with the imagination of the “Pahad” (Hilly Region) of my Nangedada. I have several times visited Ilam, Dhankuta, Hile and Basantapur having quite much experiences of there. Although, the first reason behind the traveling is for refreshment, romanticism, feel the beauty of nature and my interest of traveling, I always try to learn many more things from the visit and try to utilize the time completely. Bijayapur, a somehow hillside situated in Dharan is my birth place so I like the place most but Nangedada is the place that I love the most as well as I respect the place and the people very much coz it is the place which had given birth to the person, who had given birth to me. Yehhh that is the main reason behind my excitement. As well as, I had been impassionate to make me disappear on the deep of the beauty of the place. We had the group of 7 persons. My Hajurbuwa (my Mom’s dad), mama, maiju, and the little and lovely child of age three (their daughter), and the pair of the sister of maiju…………………………………………..  

In the early morning (around 5 am) of February 24, we got the bus to Banepa and our journey began. From Banepa we had to get another bus to Nepalthok. Wow, I started to feel romantic, the scenery of the roadside, the hills, the terrible turnings of the road. The “bhir”, the “pahara”, I can’t explain it on the words. Finally, we reached to Nepalthok at around 9 am. Everybody started to run towards the riverside passing through the “khet bari”. I wondered, why? Was everyone having the problem of “susu”? My grandpa and mama told us to run fast to the riverside. I said them that I  do not have the problem of ‘susu’ in return they laughed at me loud and told me that from the river we would get the tax towards our destination. Tax! What it is? Is it taxi as like of Kathmandu? They again laughed and tagged me stupid. They questioned how it is possible to taxi on such worst road? Anyway, you will see while reaching there. Let’s move fast otherwise that will be packed and you have to wait for another for more than 3-4 hours.  

Ohhhhhhh it was a pick up van but the people used to call it tax. Oh no, it was already packed. The charm of our face got down. But, my grand pa, who is a very clever man, who is much familiar for there, convincing the people and the driver of the tax and the two seats were available for us. Maiju with the little lovely child and her sister got the seat. But we have to stand up hanging on the back side of the tax with very difficulty. There were more than 35 persons on that little tax. Still, I have the clear vision on my eyes of that so much terrible way. The river was a “Khare Khola” which is dry on the other seasons but used to be full and most dangerous on the rainy season. The tax was riding from the middle part of the river, the strange stones, the “khalda khuldi”, the raw road made on the hills, the road passed by the “khet bari”, the terrible “ukalo” and the same “oralo”, the narrow road, the small vehicle with carrying so much people. I scared but the other people were telling me not to afraid the tax is “Farell”. Farell! What type is it? I wondered but I felt a little bit comfort thinking that oh there would have no problem to worry coz it is a “farell”. Later I understand that they were telling that the tax have Four Wheel Drive. 

I felt happy when mama showed me the place where my mom and all of them had to come there for high school level study in Ratmata. I felt that place with my heart and I kept on watching until the place was seen on my eyes. My whole body had already got tired, my wrists were paining, my legs were looking for rest, and we all are completely drained when we reached to Gairi Puchhar. Thank god! We had get rid of that tax and got time for rest. I forgot my tiredness while I saw the Sunkoshi River approx 200 meters from the place where I was standing. I wanted to run towards the bank of the river but I couldn’t coz my legs being not able to run. I removed my thrust drinking its beauty from my very open eyes. At the moment, I can’t express that incredible memories which I felt that time. The words are not enough for expressing the feelings and describing the beauty.  

Then, grand pa showed me the hills, which we had to cross and where we had to reach. I felt tired. We were on the ground of the hill and we had to cross more than 3 kms completely straight up to the peak. After climbing a little bit, we got a house which was one of our closes relative to whom also I have to call mama and his name was Ganesh. Actually, all the males were my mama of that area and all the females were maiju, sanima and thulomummy. Ganesh mama took us to his home. We did rest there. After drinking some water, the females (my maiju, his sister and the new maiju) were entered to the kitchen. We, male talked a little bit about the beauty and about the area. My sahilo mama explained me much about the lives of the people, about the status, about the situation, the pain, the romanticism, and etc. I purpose them to have a dive on the Koshi River. While we were preparing, grand pa and Ganesh mama objected saying that the river was too much cold and we may get ill. But, they showed us the alternative of Bhote River which was also near from the village. Me, mama and his brother in law (the husband of his sister in law), move towards the Bhote River. The river was small but I made an idea of blocking it with some big stones. Then, the water came to the knees. It had a long time that I hadn’t bathed in the river. I used to bath while I was a child in the Seuti Khola of Dharan. The river was as same as Seuti River of Dharan. It reminded me my age of that time and my frens and my lifestyle. The river was situated between the grounds of the two great hills. We felt a great joy, bathing in the river under the beautiful open blue sky. We had to leave the river while the soul wasn’t able to detach from it. We arrived back to the home to have a meal. That pure rice made in the “Dhiki”, the “gundruk ko tarkari” and the dal, I ate too much that even I surprised, I didn’t have any memories that I have eaten as like in the past. After having the meal, all were laid on the ground over the “Gundri”, but I couldn’t. I went outside then climbed the hill and sat down to view the natural beauty. What a pleasant moment, what a beautiful sky, what wonderful scenery, what an attractiveness of the koshi, what a sound of the river, what a strange chest of the hills, what a great romanticism, I couldn’t forget. There were no electricity, no telephone facilities and no any markets. But, some people had kept Solar and even black and white televisions. I felt shocked. At around 2 pm we started to climb up to our village “Nangedada”.  

Ohhhh.. what a difficult climbing the hill but the scenery of the Koshi River and the beauty of the hills made the journey comfortable and helped us to forget the pain which had given to us by those strange hills. Climbed and climbed and climbed, having rest for sometimes under the “Chautaro”, we reached my favorite, my lovely, my dearest Nangedada at around 4.30 pm in the evening. We reached our home, where my mom was born, where her feelings had remained, where her experiences had mixed, where her whole childhood had passed. I laid down and kissed the mud with deep respect and I touched the house with the feelings of the touch of my mom. 

I became impassionate. I would like to tell her about the feelings but I couldn’t. Coz, there were no any means of communication. I thought that when I got the first stop where the facility of the phone were available then first I would call to my mom and share her about what I had felt at that moment. We had planned to have the goat but the time was late so grand pa could only able to arrange a bhale (Cock). 

My grand pa, oh sorry, I forgot to describe about him. He is the man with great enthusiasm, with great optimism, with great vision about the life, with great art of making people agree with his guff, with great ability to face any kind of situation. Actually, I respect him very much and he is one major source of inspiration to me. He always believe in reality and lives in reality. He has a great courage and a great art of living. 

Everybody was so tired that all were laid down on the ground as soon as reaching the home. But, I couldn’t be there for having rest. I didn’t want to miss any tiny time with the rest. I walked up to the village. All the people started looking me with a great strange. I initiated to make relationship (Namaste hajurmuwa, namaste mama, namaste maiju aramai hununchha, malai chinnubhayena hola ma falano ko nati falano ko chhoro). They looked at me with great surprise and hug me with great love (Amma la hera falano ko chhoro ta katro bhayechha, kaha bata chinnu ni pahila kahilai dekheko yad nai chhaina, ani aaja kasari samjhiu ni ba yo gaulai etc etc). We had a lot of talks and I was almost full drinking the pure milk of the local cow and buffalo. I can’t forget that respect and love which I have gained from there in so short time.  

We engaged in making the bhale and my grand pa engaged inside the home. He started to manage the house and manage for us. That night we talked a lot. Hmmm, I had taken a bottle of big sprite where more than 60 % was full of Gordon Gin. We all had taken it with the bhale with great taste and with great relief of the pain. My grand pa is very strict so I had to do it quite much carefully. He doesn’t like even, coke and sprite. But, he couldn’t get us. He had made our bed on the floor over the gundri. Some relatives had brought some “Sirak and Dasna” for us. I got a great sleep of my life with a great happiness inside me. 

Tomorrow morning, wake up around 7 am. It was already shining outside. Now, it was my time to become fresh. I asked grand pa about the toilet then he answered, there is a toilet of more than 30 ropanis of my land, you would have your choice, where you like. I shocked and laughed. While move towards the “Kanla Bari”, I found it so open that I made it too much difficulty. Anyway, that was also my great experience under the open sky. It had already 4 times that I had taken the tea till 8 am in the morning. Actually my Grand pa is a very fond of having black tea with “marich and lwang sukumel.” He told us that there are two very famous and important places to see. One is the temple of  Sahasradhara which is on the bank of bhote khola of another downside of our pahad and another is Siddasthan which is on the most top of the hill.  There were specially three hierarchies of hills. One is on the way of our Nangedada, another is the place where we have situated in the middle area and another is on the top where Siddasthan is. We first moved towards the Sharsadhara Temple. In the way there was a “pandhero”. My mama told me, which was the pond from where they had to take the drinking water in the past. Now there is a tab on the village where there comes water in the early morning. I drank some water from the pond made by the people for collecting the water which is coming itself inside the land. I washed my face and wet my hair. And, we started the journey down towards the Sahasradhara. Wow what a nice place on the bank of the Bhote River. There was a huge “pahara” from where the drops of water were falling heavily where there is no raining. I ran towards the pahara and enjoy the drops of water. There was a “devithan”. I gave my respect to her. Playing a few hours with the nature, we returned back to the home.  I, alone moved first leaving behind the group members. Actually, I thought to feel the beauty completely without any disturbance with the deep feelings from the core of the heart. In group, there used to have talks more than the enjoyment of nature. I mistakenly entered the house of unknown people coz that seemed as same as ours. There were a woman and her son inside the house. After having introduced, they became so happy that immediately brought a glass of milk to me. I drank a glass of water and the milk and after having some talks with them I moved. I had already finished my launch before arriving of others. 

While we were having rest, there came two persons. They were the local teachers and both of them were my villager mamas. The guff started with formal namaskar and asking about each others. One of them was near about 50s and other was around 40s. Suddenly the elder man came in temper and started to curse all the top larders of the political parties and the members of civil societies. He was telling as like all of they were the frens of him. And, then another one also started to make his voice up. We kept listening them quietly. He was telling that all of us means our mamas and as like them had left the village only for their self interest and they were there for the sake of the village. And, later we had gone there to show our proud and to laugh over them. He was telling all these things indirectly but with the full of blame towards us. After all, I wanted to answer him a lot but I kept me silent thinking to give him chance to pour his anger and let him to become light. But he was going on and going on. My mama was nervous and I saw no answer in his face so I couldn’t be silent. I started to convince him politely and with the full respect towards my villager mamas. I told them that everyone had the love towards their village. We all are tied by the situation and the time. Who doesn’t like to live in fresh environment feeling the natural beauty inside ourselves?  Lots of people have to leave their dearest land coz they are compelled by so many problems. Some have to leave for their further study, some have to leave for their better future, some have to leave to become a capable person for the sake of the village that after he can do something for his village, some have to leave coz of their family tensions etc. But, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love the village. Everybody has surrounded by their self problem and the matters of their self will concentrate their mind more than the other things. There is a saying that “The mind of a person concentrates more in the pain of his little fingure than the destroyed of his hundreds of fellows”. We are not here it is due to our own problems and you are here due to your problems. But, I respect the exceptions. We have discussed more than 2 hours and later everything was normal. We had talked a lot about the development of the village and we also assured them that whatever we could do from our sides we will do it seriously.  

Later, I knew that one of them had two brothers in the central committee of Maoists and he himself was in the close. While we were discussing, one man came to our door and watch us very carefully. My mama said “Namaste Kaka (uncle)”. And having some guffgaff, he walked towards the village. He was the top Maoist Leader of that village.Lady members denied walking more but we three gents couldn’t be stable there and moved towards the hill top “Siddasthan”. On the way, we have discussed a lot about the nature, their environment, the hills, the land, their habitants, lifestyle etc. We sat for more than 1 hour on the top having the beauty. One thing that I have noted, almost all the people whom we encountered, first feel scared and they used to watch us with a great shock. There could be seen clearly about the time during the war, in their eyes. They used to think us either we were Maoists or we were security forces. They only used to feel comfort after giving our introduction. 

We discussed to buy some lands there for our retired life. Then, I also feel it seriously and made plan for passing my life after 40 in that village. Within 4-5 years there will be definitely good roads, electricity, water and the means of communication. It has already started the planning of development there. I am really impressed by the environment and have developed the thought. In the evening, we arrived in the house with great enthusiasm of living there in the future. There, I saw the woman who had given the milk to me which I had explained to my mama about the incident. I did namaste to her. Mama asked her was it you who had given the milk to him but she refused and said that no I was not, how could I, I haven’t known him? There could be easily seen scare feeling in her eyes. I wondered and really confused, really that wasn’t her? Then, my mama asked her not to be scared; we don’t follow such injustice tradition. Actually, we are the people who are fighting against such tradition and we are working on such programs. We use to have food together with all castes of persons. Then, I came to know that she was from the lower caste. I also tried to convince her but she was totally afraid about my grand pa. I assured her that I won’t tell about this to him. Actually, I could do rebel with my grand pa for such nonsense tradition but I didn’t want to make him sad and disturbed. How can it be easy to remove the feelings from his mind which was kept there for more than 70 years? So, realizing the context I left the idea of discussing with him. It was hard to get a good sleep on that night coz in the early morning of next day; we had to leave such beautiful place.  

Well, my trip to the Nangedada was totally successful and I did enjoyment as much I could. Taking the incredible experience with me and leaving the memories on that “pahara”, “changa”, “khola nala”, “bhir pakha”, We started the journey back to Kathmandu. I had thought that the “oralo” might be quite much easy than climbing the “ukalo” but I was wrong. It was more difficult to control the walks on the “oralo”. I felt more pain on my legs. Ohh nooo there were no any vehicles in the Gairi Puchhar. Due to the rain in the night, the road was quite disturbed and the vehicle couldn’t come there. So, we had to walk to the Ratmata. We took the short cut way. We walked from the bank of the Koshi River. I touched the water and feel it inside me as I was drinking “Amrit”. Wow, there was a Jholunge Bridge over the Koshi River, I didn’t miss that opportunity, too. We arrived the Ratmata and it took us more than 1 hour. Then, I thought and felt the difficulties of my mom and his brothers and sisters. How they complete their study, daily coming from Nangedada?  Finally, we arrived back to the Kathmandu with lots of feelings of “mero pyaro nangedada”. Really the trip was so nice that I can only feel it, can’t express in words. Really, we are rich; we have lots of such beautiful and romantic places to see in our country. If we promote and if we make the habits to love own beauties, one day our country may have the popularity all around the world. We shouldn’t have to move other where to find the satisfaction. So, lets love the own country, let’s visit own places, let’s enjoy our natural beauty and let’s linked our feelings with our own mud. I used to travel to the Nagarkot and Dhulikhel most of the time of weekend to escape from the pollution and the ugliness of Kathmandu. It has also already been enough that everytime in same place but now I find the idea of making myself refresh and feeling the natural beauty. Now, I have the plan to visit such places as far as it will possible. For the means of promoting the tourism and the development, I really like the idea of Prachanda of making the East-West Highway from the range of Mahabharat Mountains. If really it happened, than the beauty of Nepal……. Wow, amazing. And, I don’t think that it is hard if we are able to capitalize the strength of 35,000 of Jana Militia and that much number of Nepal Army will be utilized instead of destruction then the development of the country hmmmm it will be not less than
Europe. Hope that there comes a time that we will feel proud to say that I am from the beautiful and peaceful country, Nepal.


5 thoughts on “A Traveling to my favorite place “Nangedada”

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    kumar Adhikari said:
    March 2, 2007 at 3:47 pm

    Nice article to perceive the mountain’s beauties as well as a lot of informations so at least once, this article need to be read even if a bit long.
    Many many thanks,

    Shankar Koirala said:
    March 4, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    oh ho sathi khub ramailo garechau. la la aba tyati jagga kinera basnu hami pani kahile kahi aaula pachhi chora chori lai pahad ghumauna.

    Umesh Sitaoula said:
    March 4, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    hi utsav, nice to see your post. at first, i feel lazy seeing your too much long post but while reading, i feel really enjoy and like your idea about the living in pahad and the perception towards it, towards the development of our country and promoting the tourism.

    Christina said:
    March 4, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    Hehe, look some lands for me, too in the pahad. We would have to do enjoyyyyy together. lol

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