Continuation of A Fresh Report from Biratnagar: Madhesi Movement

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A Report by Ramesh Bhattarai 


Today also in Biratnagar, remained tense. People heard two different notices from miking in some parts of Biratnagar, one of from the CDO office about the curfew and the next about the invitation for the participation for the rally of madhesi people. Today the madhesi people had planed to violate the order of curfew, to enter the Biratnagar jail and then release Mr. Badri Mandal, one of the ministers of the time of king’s direct ruling period.  

More than 3000 people had reached to the bridge of Singhiya River at Hatkhola with swords, bamboo sticks, rods and hashiya linked in a long stick  on their hands as their weapons at 2: 30 pm. Police tried to  stop all of them  beyond the bridge, beyond the curfew area. But it becomes very futile and all of them entered the curfew area in front of the Biratnagar jail. It seemed that as if the police had applied very little force to control the movement. They damaged some public Buses parking in the side of the road, near hatkhola bus park. Then, police started firing the tear gas. After few minutes the mass was driven towards across the bridge. More than 2000 pahadhe people including women and children of Madhumara, Saraswoti Tole and Hatakhola were seen gathering in the sides of streets to view the crash between police and the madhesi people. They did not respond towards the madhesi people; neither the madhesi people attacked them. Still the madhesi people keep on attacking police with stone, catapult and bow & arrow. Now the police started firing tear gas to the madhesi people, but they returned the cells of the tear gas towards the police. This like crash continued till 7 pm. So the local administration has increased the time of curfew two hours more, till 8 pm. More than twenty people are told to have been wounded in that crash including the police and the demonstrationists. Three ambulances were seen standby near the hatkhola bus park. All of these were seen carrying the wounded people both police and the demonstrationists to the hospital. 

The madhesi workers who had been working (dish washing) in the pahade peoples houses at hatkhola, madhuramara have started to say that they could continue their works only in the morning because they have to join the rally in the noon and evening. One of the dish washing madhesi old women in my friend’s home told, she would get Rs 200 by joining the rally. Today my uncle came to my house Biratnagar form Karsiya in rickshaw. Karshiya is 15 KM east from Bitatnagar. He had to pay Rs 200 as rikshaw fare, as it was of Rs 20 in the bus. The rikashaw driver told he refused to join the rally although one of the local madhesi leaders had proposed him to give Rs 500 if he stayed in the front row and Rs 200 if he stayed in the middle or the last row of rally at the time of crash with the police. My uncle asked “why you denied that amount?” “It is risky. I could be killed or at least wounded in rally. Rather I can earn more than 500 a day with this rickshaw with out any risk” he replied.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Life style in biratnagar has been worsening. Pahade people have been entrapped in their own houses. It is heard that the madeshi leaders have assured their innocent activists to chase all the pahade people and accommodate the poor madheshi people in their big and beautiful houses.  


One thought on “Continuation of A Fresh Report from Biratnagar: Madhesi Movement

    vahsek said:
    February 7, 2007 at 1:15 am

    okay ramesh..keep it up.
    btw, can you get some recent photographs?

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