Life in Terror: Janakpur

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Some of my friends live in Janakpur. Among them, Bishal Dahal is my very intimate and close friend. We have studied together from Bachelor’s level in Mahendra Morang Campus, Biratnagar to Master’s Level in Shankar Dev Campus, Kathmandu. We have passed so many years together and we have shared every feeling either in the happy moments or in the moments of sad.  He is also one of the inspirations to me. I have learnt many more things from him. He is the person who always do the works in confiedence and can be in balanace to maintain every relationship. After completing the study of Masters level he has got the Job in one of the leading commercial bank and moved to Janakpur to begin his carrer. We all of our freinds felt very sad while saying him bye from Kathmandu. We had made so many plans to do together after completing the study but due to the situation and the different lives, different aimbitions and different oppertunities of we different people, we have to be dispersed.

Although we were dispersed, we were in touch through mail, phone or sms. Suddenly, there comes a news that in our country there started a voilent between the Madhesi Community and Pahade Community. That news makes me sad but i have not thought that will be a great problem and we have to face such difficluties and such terrible threat of communal war. I have hooped that it will be no longer coz we nepali people believe in integration, solidarity, cooperation and unity. I got a great strike when i heard a news that in Janakpur the communal conflict have reached in the top and many more pahade people were beaten badly, pahade hotels, shops, houses, government offices, banks were vandalized and arsoned. The bank where my initmate friend used to work is also became the victim. I worried badly. I tried to contact him but the network couldn’t be connected in his mobile. I dialed the number of his bank but no answer. It increased my tension. Everyday, i have tried so many times to contact him but could not succeed.

Yesterday evening,  suddenly my phone rang and there was the number callilng from his mobile.  I feel excited, some happines and with a little bit scared, my first sentence came out “hey how r u?” instead of Hello. His voice was emotional and with great worries, he replied that “till fine” but “do not know, how will be”. He kept on explaining his condition that “12 days have passed locked in a house, could not take a fresh air of outside, could not have a meal with taste, there started to finish everything in the stock, could not breath with feeling safe, the network connection in his house is very poor so, there is no proper contact with anybody even with the family members, every minutes they were passing with terror that whether anybody recognized about them that there lives some pahades and come there to ………………………….., he was asking me, how long it will be gone like this way thinkig that i am in Kathmandu, a capital city and also put interest in political situation but i could not speak anything, i am stunned coz i have also no more idea. He was saying that there is going to be finished the balance of mobile. Suddenly the line disconnected. I tried to contact him again but it could not.

I am really worried very much about him, about the condition of our country, about the future of we nepali. In kathmandu also, there seems only 1/4th vehicles in the roads even in the office hour. No more fuel, the price of everything is rising day by day, the situation is being worsen day by day, begin to lack of every daily needs. How will the situation improved? When? What will happen in our country? ……………………………….


2 thoughts on “Life in Terror: Janakpur

    saynasomething said:
    February 5, 2007 at 8:47 pm

    Oh god!

    vahsek said:
    February 6, 2007 at 1:04 am

    estai chha sthiti yaar

    maobadi le suru garey jatiya bhawana maa kheti garna, fal falna suru garyo aba…

    say na ko ankha le sansar chihayo feri! k bhanna khojdai chha kunni!

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