A Fresh Report from Biratnagar: Madhesi Movement

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A Report By: Ramesh Bhattarai 


The madheshi movements have been diverted towards the violence and anarchy in biratnagar since 15 th of magh as they destroyed a motorbike of an employee of biratnagar custom office and beat him inhumanly in a brute manner. From the same day people of biratnagar have been entrapped in curfew.  

The next day; ie; 16 th of magh a group of 30 madheshi people came with some domestic weapons to puspalal chowk and threatened the local inhabitants to close the windows and doors of their houses and stay inside the houses. When the pahade people denied doing so; they threatened to attack them. But before they attacked them the pahade people including the old men, women and the child beat them and make them to escape away from there.  After few hours madheshi people in around 500 of numbers came to burn the houses of pahadhe people, to loot them and to kill them. according to the one of the arm police in duty that time most of them were in intoxicated condition. As the gang across the ghinaghat bridge and almost reached the puspalal chowk, all the pahade people including women and children came out of their houses with the stones and sticks, attacked them, wounded them and make them escape away from their country ward. In this crash three madheshi and one pahade people were wounded. Later the pahade people themselves provided one critically wounded madheshi man primary health service and carry him in to the hospital. In spite of informing the police in the time, the force reached there only after so long time when the situation was in temporally peaceful condition. Biratnagar city also remained disturbed this day. More than thousand madheshi people with iron and bamboo stick in their hands were seen moving in the streets of biratnagar core city. 

The same day this like crashes had been held in different parts of biratnagar. Katahari, duhabi, banswari, mills area and bargachhi as well. One died in Rani area and many others wounded in the crashes. 

The next day ; i.e.; 17th of magh , around one thousand madheshi people came to puspalal chowk with domestic weapons like, sword , iron rod, bamboo sticks and bow and arrow as well. This time the armed police force came in the right time and dispersed the mass with high firing  and tear gas . The intoxicated madheshi men were badly irritated for not being able to take revenge over the pahadhe community .In course of escaping away towards their houses they looted the Japanese parents chicken kept for reproduction of hatchery from Mr. Kesher bd. Shrestha’s chicken farm situated at baijanathpur VDC, 2 km east from puspalal chowk. Before that they had entered to loot the chickens from the hatchery of Mr. Bishnu sigdel situated in the same place. But one of the madheshe women employee of this hatchery tactfully suggested that it was madheshe’s hatchery and they should loot the hatchery of pahadhe man; i.e.; of keshar bd. bistas hatchery, next to that one. 

This mass had been led by Mr. Mohan Sardar , the president of ‘Batar central committee’ and  ex pradhan pancha of jhorahat VCD ; Bab Bahadur Khawas , the elected president of bijnathpur VCD from UML ;Bhuwaneshowr kr mandal, the ex pradana pancha  of tankisinuwari; babu Prasad yadav,  district leader of nepali congress  , Shyam Lal Tawedar  district leader of nepali congress ;  Umesh Yadav , leader of congress who was sent to prision few years ago  accusing of murder of gore lama , an ANNFSU leader in mahendra morang campus  and who had also publically misbehaved Sher bahadur Deuba in Biratnagar is also  seen in the front line of this movement. 

In the evening of 18th magh two diverse rumors spread in puspalal chowk; the pahade habitant and in ghinaghat ; the madheshi habitant. Pahade people heard that around 2000 madheshe people had been coming to attack nepali people, burn their homes and loot them towards puspalal chowk .  But the madheshi people heard that more than 30 trucks of pahade people from biratnagar, ithari and dharan have acrossed the ghinaghat bridge and started killing madheshe people. It was around 7:30 pm. curfew was spread all over Biratnagar . Both party informed the police. The police told that they alone could do nothing; the community also had to be alert for their self protection. Both parties were amazed to hear that like non responsible answer from the police. 

In such an ambiguous situation the madheshi people escape away to rescue themselves from ghinaghat and baijanathpur towards jhorahat and the Pahade people came out of their house to face the attack of madheshi people in their roads and country wards with sticks and stones. Later when they knew that it was nothing than a rumor they came back home and slept down but the madheshei people could not sleep with terror.  

From 19th of magh some peace loving civilians suggested for ending this like dual and suggested for   harmony really in different places of biratnagar. In puspalal chowk, such rally was held the same day. It was very small in number so the local civil society declared to manage it the next day with attendance of large mass of both pahade and madheshe community. But because of lack of proper co-ordination between these two communities it has been dismissed till the day. But the rally has been successfully done in 9, 11 and 13 wards of biratnagar.  

In spite of the promise of government to change the interim constitution as per the demands of madheshi people and invitation of government to them for the negotiation they have not modified the manner of their movement. Neither the violence has been stopped. In 20th of magh the demonstrationists have destroyed an ambulance and few motorbikes in biratnagar. And today; 21st magh they have attacked the journalists and destroyed their motorbikes and accessories in Tankisinuwari.  

The movement has made the life style of whole nation very tormenting. Short and long root passengers have been disturbed very much. People have to travel 2o km distance of ithari and biratnagar paying up to Rs.200, as it was of Rs20 fare in bus. People have to pay up to Rs.6700 for chartered aero plane fare of per person to ktm as it is of 3605 in regular flight. The daily wage holding people have been suffering for their lively hood, and the students have been loosing their academic for three weeks. Who will understand the agony of all these people?


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Report from Biratnagar: Madhesi Movement

    Ujjwal Acharya said:
    February 4, 2007 at 6:16 pm

    Great Utshab!

    Reading something from a Nepali living in the Terai gives first-hand information. I hope he will continue!

    vahsek said:
    February 6, 2007 at 12:59 am

    well done both ramesh and utshab!

    usthab, what you think of publishing the article in some site with good traffic! Or you can post some paras of it as comments on them such that you would drive traffic towards yours!

    Ujjwal can suggest you regarding this matter….

    What i think is let others read it…. by any means….

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