I don’t let my shoulder to save monarchy: GPK

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Hence, we are well known about Girija it is hard to believe on whatever he speaks. He always tells that whatever i say, i do that but alwyas he does just opposite.

Anyway, it is a nice opertunity to capatalize his saying and continue lobbying on the side of democratic republic. That man who was saying even few days earier that there must be given some space to the king also, now he is saying so, then we people who are lobbyying on the side of republic have to take it positive. This is our great victory over the supporters of Ceremonial Monarchy. His saying has given inspiration to the supporters of republicans and given slap to the MANDALES.

However, the intension was there behind his saying, now morally he mightn’t go against. He has compelled to be detached from ceremonialism desease by hearing the voices and seeing the supporters of republic all over the nepal. I think that he is now afraid of being biased in the politics if he continued such activities and he is also afraid from may be greater front will be formed within the parties who want democratic republic in this country and NC has to be disappeared with her beloved king.

I wish that now further, he won’t change his voice and stand strictly on the side of democratic republic. And, i also wish the bright future of NC coz it is a very old party which have contributed much more for nepali democracy.


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