A Trip to Trishuli

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This is my personal story and it is 100% true if u like to read it then ok if u don’t like then also okayyyyyyyyy.

Last Satruday, me and my friend Parash planned to go to Nagarjun to get peace for sometimes. Actually, I have forced him to go there coz I like that place very much. I like the greenery of there. I like the peaceful environment of there. When we reached there he requested me to go a little bit ahead. I had ridden the bike and we moved ahead. While going further we thought to go to Kakani. We both hadn’t visited that place earlier. But, while going on, we reached Ranipauwa and asked a local person about kakani then he replied that we had already left it on the way. Anyway, we were feeling nice there. From there we have viewed a very clear range of Himalayans. For sometimes we lost in the beuatiness of Ganesh, Langtang and Fishtail Himals. After staying some moments there we started to go ahead without thinking anything. On the way, I saw on a pillar indicating 40 kms to Trishuli from there. Then I thought to test some fish of Trishuli. I purposed to my friend about his view. At first, he wondered and refused but after sometimes he asked me whether I was serious about going there. Actually we both are fun loving guys and love to have adventures in life. We like something new always. So, we both decided to go there.

The road was much more dangerous, I have even gone. There have to cross many more hills on the way. Always ups and downs. It was so narrow that there should be stopped to one vehicle to pass another one, turnings and turnings. On one side there were hills and another side there was hundreds of feet down. If a small stone also thrown from there then it will be at the end of the down. Even we had ridden many more times on the way of Nagarkot and Thankot, we were frightened on that way. On the middle part from the Ranipauwa and Trishuli suddenly our bike gone out of control and going to slide down. The road was very narrow with vast turnings and the road was sloped down. We were going through the side of ‘bhir’. My friend had ridden the bike at that movement. Although he is a good rider, because of the wet red mud on the road the bike went to slide. Thanks our luck, the bike suddenly moved towards the hills side and went to strike on the ‘kholso’. I was gone to sit on a big and flat stone crossing the ‘kholso’. I felt that I was safe with only a little bit wound on my right leg and a little bit pain on by backside. I looked at my friend and the bike. He was in the ‘Kholsa’ and the bike was fallen on the road. I worried, and asked him with great afraid, “parash ta thikai chhas”. He stand up and with a difficult smile replied, yes yar. At that moment he was very much afraid. I was also afraid but felt a little bit fine coz, our bike didn’t turn towards ‘bhir’. At the moment, when we had be able to stand up and put the bike on the side of the road, a bus passed with quite speed. We felt very much cold inside the heart. We went to the wide area and rested there for half an hour. After coming in a little bit normal condition, we remembered to our family members, friends and all of those who are close to us. And then he said that he had quite more pain on his both legs, on one hand and his back side. I started bike and moved forward to Trishuli. We reached there at 4.15 pm in the evening.

At trishuli we went to see Hydropower, Machha Pokhari and other beautiful areas like picnic spots and on the bank of the river. We had gone there for testing the fish of Trishuli but it was even rare there too coz of the winter season. Finally, we would be able to find it on one hotel. We bought fish from there and went to find tongwa or Chhyang. But these things couldn’t be found there. At last we went to a Tamang Hotel at Purano Bazar of Trishuli and drunk a glass of original home made. Sometimes, when I went outside from Kathmandu like Nagarkot or Dhulihel then I would prefer to have a glass of pure home made coz in kathmandu rarely a pure test could be found. And then we found a restaurant with lodge. It was quite nice than others in that area. We took a quarter of signature whisky and favorite snacks of that hotel like pangra, hyakulla, sukuti, Bhutan etc. At last we took dal, bhat, tarkari with masu and went to the room. We talked about that accident and our faults that we both had lied and begged excuse by heart taking a cup of coffee and have a sleep. Tommorrow morning we wake up and after having a cup of coffee we returned back. We felt a little bit relief after crossing that accident place. We arrived in Kathmandu with great happiness and a little bit afraid. Anyway, the trip was nice and a little bit adventures, too. Pagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal jastaiiii udi hidne badaaaaaaaaaaaaaal hooo hami baaaaaaadal ho bhandai aaiyo kathmandu.


4 thoughts on “A Trip to Trishuli

    dipesh said:
    December 4, 2006 at 6:22 pm

    well sathi moj garechou tara malai birseko yar. tyi pani nikai ramailo garechou timi harule i miss that trip..aru k cha ta yar.ok bye take care.

    subinsharma said:
    December 5, 2006 at 9:27 am

    hey that was nice journy wit you. and thanks to god he safe you both.

    December 29, 2006 at 9:57 am

    ya it’s really interesting journey. i could feel it. its an adventures and romantic too. i often feels to visit these types of heel and heven throught my life. will u rush with me dear pagal frn UTSI. let’s ROCK once again what do u say ?

    bhutan » Blog Archive » A Trip to Trishuli said:
    May 3, 2007 at 9:37 am

    […] with lodge. It was quite nice than others in that area. We took a quarter of signature whisky and favorite snacks of that hotel like pangra, hyakulla, sukuti, Bhutan etc. At last we took dal, bhat, … …Read More […]

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