A story of love

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A man sits alone, tending a campfire, and he knows that as long as he tends this campfire, it will keep him warm and his life will not go cold. To his left is a pile of wood, and each day he takes what he needs from the pile, knowing that only a little a day will last him a lifetime.

One day, whilst sitting at his fire, he sees a woman walking by, and knowing how cold she must be without a fire of her own, he invites her to sit for a while, and share his warmth.
The woman sits, and helps him tend his fire. The woman stays for many years and the fire burns twice as brightly. However, now that there are two people to keep warm the wood is used up, and the fire starts to die.

Then, just as the fire is about to go out, along comes a man, who sees the dying embers. “I have something here that will solve your problem,” the man says. And gives them a book called “How to keep your fire burning”, full of bright shiny pages. So each day the couple tore out one page from the book and placed it on the embers. Although the fire did not burn as brightly as before, it did not die completely.

Finally, after a few months, no pages remained and one morning the fire went out.
The woman, seeing there was no more warmth to be had from the fire, left.

A man sits alone.


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