What things Maoists want to prove by their activities ?

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After a long time war against socalled old regime, Maoists have come in the peace process accepting the multi party democratic and parliamentary system. They are trying to show that whatever they have done in the past those all things are done for the shake of people and they are fully committed in the rights of people. They are showing a day dream to all the Nepali people that within 10 to 15 years our Nepal will be as developed as European Countries. They will make our Nepal a total democratic republican country and always walk on that way where people ordered to go. These all things which their top leaders are saying are very beautiful in words and I would like to thank them for making we, Nepali people very optimistic towards our better future. We can hear always good lectures and nice interviews in any channels. Every leaders (from whichever parties) are saying that now the bad days of Nepali people are gone. They are going to begin a good future of Nepali people. It is very nice to hear so because only few times ago in our country, no any leaders used to say like that. There we could not see any optimism in the face of any leaders too. For this very positive development I would like to thank all the parties and leaders which have played a great role in this development.

Those all things seems very beautiful in words and sounds very positive. But now a days, I am wondering. I am suspecting and I am in a great confusion whether those all things are only for saying and making we fool ? I hope that this is not true. Whatever they are saying, they will definitely proved by their activities. Making myself positive attitude and thinking like optimistic, I sometimes try to assure myself that there are certainly coming good days for us. But at the same moment I get again shocked when I watch news in television channels and see newspapers. Everyday there comes news like ….. persons/childrens were kidnapped/taken forcefully or by luring them showing such great dreams which they can’t evaluate correctly or analytically is this possible or is this made certainly or not. Everyday there comes news like businessmen, industrialist or …… people are compelled to give donation whether they are able or not. Everyday there comes news like a leader of one party always blaming and critising the other parties. There seems that they have no any beliefs in others. At the same moment some of them say that now we never move forward to war, some of them would have instructing their cadres that be ready always it is not sure whenever we may be go forward to war again. So do not let your mind to feel that the war is completely finished.

So, how could I be able to think that I am secure now to move any places of my country freely ? How could I be able to think that now definitely our country will be as developed as like European countries in recent futures ? How could I be able to feel that now we will have our rights in any decision which effects in our lives ? How could I be sure about my better future in this country ? Is this fair to forgive to all those armies, cadres and leaders(of both sides) by whose hands thousands of our brothers, sisters, dads and moms were killed, thousands were tortured brutally and hundreds of thousands of people are living in terrifying environment now also ? Is this be excusable by the name of political development and a great revolution ? How could a father, a mother, a sister or a brother put hands together with the killer of their piece of heart ? What should be happened if another party or another group announce another war in the name of their status, in the name of their religion, in the name of their caste or etc ? Isn’t it become the easy way to anyone to fight for ther needs ? What the leaders have thought for such types of future possibilities ? The leaders of the Maoists are saying that they have done such things only for the shake of people. Whatever they have done they have ordered by the people to do so. Is it right that a father ordered to kill his son, a sister ordered to kill his brother ? They are saying that they are ready to give off hundreds of thousands of people lives again to bring revolution in
Nepal and to make our country beautiful ? Do Nepali people will be really happy making their country beautiful by the bloodshed of their own family members ? How could they say so ? Has it not been clear that whatever they have done they have done only for their power and position ? The top most leader of the Maoists, Com Prachanda told in an interview that he has never been in any war carrying weapon and he has not killed anyone by his own hand. What does it mean ? Is it morality to say so ? What he wants to prove that he is as pure as Lord Buddha. Whatever has been in the past in the name of socalled revolution, should com prachanda take the all responsibility or not ? They are saying that they are fully committed in the theme of democratic republic. But in practical they have been still torturing the people only for the reason that they are in against of their thoughts. What things will be proved by such types activities is that they only want to be the most powerful party in this country and they only want to take this country by which way they like to go. All the lectures, sayings and beautiful words are like only the golden plated to the almonium.

I would like to request the Maoists please implement in practical which have been saying in the words. This time is for reconciliation not for showing powers and pressurizing the people. Now the bloodshed in this country is enough. We do not want any fractions between ourselves. We don’t want to make this country by the bloodshed of our fellows. Accept your mistakes and announce your punishment by youselves. This is the time of realization. Who can say that we are always ready to flow blood of our thousands of people in the name of revolution must have capacity to say that I am also always ready to flow my black blood in the name of realization of my own mistakes publicly. And they must have strength to accept the punishment in front of the people.


2 thoughts on “What things Maoists want to prove by their activities ?

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    November 27, 2006 at 3:08 am

    Nice article, thanks a lot.

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