Khabardar ! Leaders

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It has not been so long time that we can see the line of happiness and rays of possibilites shined in the face of Nepali people. People have started to celebrate. They have started to be optimistic about the future of Nepal. They have started to raise hopes of making beautiful Nepal. But once more time they are made sad. Why the leaders and the parties are giving more emphasis to their status and egos rather than the current situation of the country ? Why they always failed to fulfil their promise and decisions ? Why they always try to stand themselves over the country not in the country ? Why so much egos and distances between own peoples ? Although peoples are divided into the name of different parties with different principles and visions, we shouldnot forget that we all are the people of same country and we all have same visions towards our country. We can make our country beautiful and developed only at that time when we all put our hands together, when we all set same visions and show devoteeness towards our country. There is only thing which is playing obstacles between the parties to agree and to implement in the historical documents and their promises. That is not more then their self esteem. Why they always forget that first comes nation than the parties. If the country will be failure then what should they do taking 100 or 200 seats in the parliament, taking major ministries in the government, showing own position vast, being more strong than others and talking big shots about the country and the nation ? It is just like ” mookh ma ram ram and bagali ma chhura”. This types of things not only harm the country but they also harmed coz both are interrelated. We should always keep in mind that we all are the elements fo a system, if an element of system is disappeared the whole system will be affected. So, from now put your hands together and set a only one vision that is peace, prosperious, beautiful and developed Nepal. Your theories, principles and way should be different but the vision should be one. And then only we can get our target.

Everywhere we can find a lots of problem always. Problems are the birth gifts to the human beings. We have to struggle always in the life. If we look our problems from very narrow side and feel like that my problem is very big and afraid always then we can never solve that problem and we should always live in the horror of that problem. But if we see it broadly, with broad eyes and think it a small part of life then we can find the solution easily and more forward. So don’t let to be grow and be huge to any sorts of problem in life. But here, we can see that our leaders are making big and big instead of stepping forward to the solution easily. It should be solved in very short time after teh Janaandolan part 2. They have already agreed in teh 12 points understanding. They have already become partners of 8 parties. They are no longer rebel and government now. They are the parties of equal status of politics. Then why it is taking so much time to reach in a decision ? Why they should battle in position now at this moment, when they have already agreed in the election fo Constituently Assembly ? They can show their status and position from that election. Why they need to be more superior now ? We all know that this is transitional period and in this tarnsitional period we all have to be integreted and show solidarity in the peacebuilding. This position doesn’t matter any more after CA election.

Now this is the time for movement not in against but to “khabardar” to the leaders and the parties not to play game again in our future. Now we don’t want to fight with each other. We don’t want to be seperate with each others. We would like to live together with putting hands together forever. We would like to build our country a dream country. Whoever tries to pour water in our dream, listen everyone! we will pour mud over you putting you in the ditch.


One thought on “Khabardar ! Leaders

    Shankar said:
    November 26, 2006 at 12:19 pm

    khabardar leaders aba feri galti garlau…………..

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