Why not republican ?

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In our country, everbody seems open in talk about monarchy, constitutional monrachy, ceremonial monarchy, democratic republican. Few times earlier in the past, no one could questions in the role of monarchy publicly but now a days all the people are concerntrating on the issues of Constitutional monarchy or demoratic republic and constituent assembly. Peoples of Nepal seems more sincere and more concerntrated about the day by day changing political scenario of the nation. For this development, ofcourse here may be lots of contribution by maoists side also and here is lots of contribution of other political parties as well. But, i think that the major role behind this scenario was the criminal face of the king and his son.

People as well as major parties are also divided in the two sides. Some parties have clearly passed their agenda on democratic republic and some parties are still in dilemma on what should be better. I would like to thank those parties who have decided to kick out Monarchy from every role and like to request to remaining parties also to decide as soon as possible on this subject matter. We do not like to live in dillemma and i think that it is not so good also to become confused in any matter. There must be clear concept on every matters. From which, we can straightly and speedly reach to our destination. I would also like to request to give me a single reason why the monarchy should not removed from our country with those who want to keep the monarch in this country. The major population of the people are in against of monarchy which also become clear by the recent Janaandolan part 2. We, Nepali people do not like to be ‘praja’ anymore. We would like to be ‘respected nagarik’ of this country and like to be ruled by ownselves. We would like to participate in every decisions, policy makings, development which belongs to us. Here are lots of personalities who can run this country in the target of well developed, peace, prosperious and democratic country. If anyone hasn’t confident to run the country without monarchy then he must have to leave politics and have to give chances to the others in time ,otherwise they also kicked out with their so called king from this country permanently.

I haven’t seen any strong reason behind keeping monarchy in anyname in our country. Why should we keep this bloody and blady monarchy ? If we looked back to the history of Nepali Monarchy, there we can only find bloodshed, fight between themselves only for their selfishness and only for being more poweful then others. We couldn’t find any important examples of what they have contributed to the people. Even Prithivi Narayan Shah had also betrayed too much to the people. Whatever he had done is only for fulfilling his dream to become a great samrat. It is another thing that from his selfishness, we are known as Nepali. For this reason we respect him. But it is not justice that for this credit, we should become always ‘raiti’ in our own country and have to bear whatever his grand famileis still after 250 years are doing. NO its enough now.

In this 21st century, here are only few countries with monarch and they are also countable in our fingures. If other lots of countries without monarchy has been rising day by day and becoming rich and developed then why should not our country ? Why should we are trying to be forced to respect that person who have finished his own family only for getting power and becoming the superior. Why should we respect that person who have killed the people in the middle of the road and have shown ‘rakshyeshi pana’ anywhere where his mood off. In our country, here are lots of such families who can’t feed their children poperly and who haven’t a little bit land and roof to keep them safe. How such people can’t feed ‘a bathan of elephants’ ? We can see the budget of Rajsanstha, how much that spend ? Now it is the time to kick out the monarchy from our country and we have to make our country beautiful and developed by our own hand. Some people are blaming that parties and leaders are all corrupted and they can’t run the nation properly. I would like to question them what is a party ? How it is formed ? A Party is the organization of the people with same principles and same visions. We all are responsible towards parties. And there are certain leaders in every parties which have chosen by us and they should be responsible towards the nation as well as us, we people. It is our faults that we can’t guide them properly and we havn’t questioned on their stupidness. If a guardian of a family doesn’t take care of his children then is not sure that they may be always in right way. If they aren’t guided properly then they think that what they have been doing is right and it hasn’t harm others. Kicked out those leaders who do not want to be responsible towards us and choose those who are responsible towards us. So, get rid out of this narrow concept and build your party strong and instruct your leaders. Some people have misconception that they still think that king is the avatar of lord Bishnu. If so then, why king birendra couldn’t save his family and himself too. Some peoples think that the king is the symbol of unity. For those people i like to suggest to study the recent past what types of games were played by this king to break the unity of people for making his position always strong. So, i think that here is no any important of this criminal king anymore in our country. We can make our country better without monarch. For this we have confident and devoteeness towards building the country.


2 thoughts on “Why not republican ?

    Kumar Adhikari said:
    November 16, 2006 at 5:12 pm

    Excellent artical, We should lobby for republic state.

    Ashish said:
    November 26, 2006 at 10:38 am

    aba hamro des ma ganatantra lyaunai parchha. hami sabaile milera ganatantra ko lagi lobby garnu parchha afno afno chhetra bata ani matra hami purna roople nagarik hunchhau.

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